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Recent content by celticsfan

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    Birth by Sleep put the series into perspective

    Unfortunately, i have not been able to play Days, due my lack of a nintendo DS :(
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    Birth by Sleep put the series into perspective

    When I first played through Kingdom Hearts 1, I was left feeling I had experienced Sora's long struggle and journey. I felt he was a great fighter and one with great courage for someone only 14. Every battle had been a challenge and felt as if it could be his last. After playing through...
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    Aqua vs. Braig (Proud Mode Help)

    thanks for the help, hopefully tonites the nite i get it done
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    Aqua vs. Braig (Proud Mode Help)

    Having some trouble with this one, im level 27, proud mode, good solid commands, just need a strategy - any thoughts? by the way the commands are : -Time Splicer -Aeroga -Firaga Burst -Thundaga Shot -Magnega -Curaga -Prism Rain
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    KH and Comedy

    Agreed, much better written story/script in general, but especially making one laugh
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    another secret ending question (sorry)

    Ive only completed Terra on proud, and am mid way thru aqua. When do we get the individual secret endings for each character??? because i didnt get it for terra and im just curious
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    What's the fastest way to level Terra up?

    idk but Blizzard Edge i had for mad long and it was real good
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    KH and Comedy

    As IF! very great, or Hades: "Time to move to plan beta." "Well hello, plan beta"
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    KH and Comedy

    I read just a few minutes ago that "KH isn't funny", and if you laugh you're "corny as hell" While KH as a series is fairly serious, it has some moments where I occasionally find my self laughing out loud, especially in Birth by Sleep. My favorite supporting character and voice actor has always...
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    i preordered and didnt get them
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    Deck commands

    Terra, Olympus Collisium, Proud Mode. Any suggestions are appreciated! -Blizzard Edge -Freeze Raid -Fire Strike -Thunder Surge -Zantetsuken -Cura
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    I am literally stuck on the first boss.

    HAHA happened to me, i got it on my 21st try on Proud Mode, You'l get it.
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    Re: CoM questions

    Re: CoM questions Hey guys, I recently replayed KH1 on expert and am in the process of finishing up KH2 on proud mode each for the second time to gear up for BbS and sort remind me of what questions I will need answered starting Sept 7th. My concern is that I have some problems following KH2...
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    Any Mac Miller fans out there?

    Recently got into his music, he's pretty nice, his new mixtape dropped and im just wondering if anyone else on here listens too
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Any Chance someone could be kind enough to repost and/or send them to me in a PM b/c the links are down due to the thread's age. Thanks alot