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  • I dug up an old old crack fic of mine called "Peperoni Slashin'" It's about pokemon that fight like ninjas and samurai with food using techniques from Ruroni Kenshin....what the heck was I on....? XDDDD

    Yay Infinite Crossroads :D D: Aww, what's wrong with Black Light?

    Chapter 2 of Infinite Crossroads is looking good. Chapter 4 of Black Light... well... I'm not sure >XD
    Why I do declare my socks have just been rocked *_*

    XD Asuka as Hinata - is that as awesome and insane as I think it sounds? :D
    YUI LIVES!!!! The story is now favorited a new author has been added to mah list! Thankies thankies~!!! >X3
    These are all going into my favorites on Youtube 83 crack for the soul man!

    Ep.2 - too cute XD

    Ep.7 It all came together @_@;; OMG I died when he started rolling! XDDD OOC Gendou yes! Now if he wasn't all pedo in that vid I'd have laughed even harder! At least Misato beat him to a pulp though XD -

    HO SNAP! O_O...did...they just cut to the eye injury from...from Death and Rebirth o_O ?!

    This little series is encrypted like how it is in the show! XD

    Ah, thank-you, thank-you friend, but now I must get to sleep, and I hope to dream chibi evangelion dreams now =w= minus weird Gendou, but OOC Gendou is cool XD
    Okay, that makes more sense now XD LOL! I love how Shinji just turned all primordial soup there~


    ;A; Shinji's momma...

    XDDDD Gendou is still in that pose in the hot spring! XDDDD and to top it all off he went to sleep like that!

    I will never be able to see his character the same away again omg that was awesome - thank-you for showing me these! *GLOMP*!!!
    *0* Cute Rei and KAWORUUUUUUU~!!!!

    And then came the creepy ending-title pic *shiver*

    XD Is this really a show for kids or is it cute fan service? 'Cause I think I just saw one of the angels, that one that all but gutted Asuka's Unit 2 as a traffic guard O_O...
    XDDDD I thought EVA at angels not batteries~!

    But damn, poor Shinji o_O I wouldn't want to pass batteries either!

    But that EVA unit 1 was so damn cute =w=
    Oh sweet crackalore....It is cannon in my heart now....

    XDDDD EVA unit 1 was a student! And Shinji's face! And Asuke just pimp ran them all with her bike - machine gun chalk launcher - WHY ISN'T THIS CANNON - WHY?! DX

    That was frickin' awesome.
    I want your sense of preserving characters to rub off on me, I don't want to go on an axing spree D:

    Shonen Bat: Chump you already are!

    SA: Then it's too late, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES~!

    Sora: ;A;

    Messing with their heads is fun too, muahahahaha~ Ikari taught me well...

    *0* Woobies~! Oh do share, do share~! >X3

    And....O_O....XDDDDDD OMG I loved that! Some of the pictures did scare me though XD
    I like killing characters to mess with the survivor's sense of safety.

    Sora: ;A; omg he died in my arms...!

    Mewtwo: ;A; omg I have to find Suicune!

    SA: *cuddles Macchi*

    Shonen Bat: Hey! Pay attention to your own characters!

    We are cruel no? XD
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