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  • I did. =3 I also took lots of pictures too. I may put them on Facebook later. Sorry you have a bit of a headache, but it's good to hear you're doing alright! How's life been going for ya btw? Did I miss anything new or exciting going on with you? (Also, if you ever want to switch to PM's for more private discussions, I'm good with that too.)

    Nah, it's okay. I really like where you're taking the story thus far, and I don't mind being dragged around. If I was on my own, I'm not entirely sure what I'd have Jeri do again. And I love Bryer. xD
    Thanks! I had a good time and it's good to be back! Yup, doing okay. :'3 How are you btw?

    Oh, I saw that you updated CLASSIC RP too! I guess we'll have to discuss how Jeri will have to proceed, since we met up with Bryer and a whole lot else is going on.
    ;__; I screwed up on the sword by inking it too soon. I was able to add the gem, except the rest of the design was based off a real sword from what I found on google. The good news: I can make it look like the sword you linked me in new scenes. The bad news: I couldn't do that after inking what I had in already. *bangs my head against the table* I jumped the gun on that one. My bad. And I used a lot of bold color schemes for the picture... so uh... it's okay if it looks weird or whatever... *hides under a sheet* I promise the next picture will be ten times better though!

    ooh, dark red. That's a lot of red for me to fill in and totally works for me. *u* (Totally makes sense.) Alright, since I got your permission on his hair and face, I'll get on it with what I found online then. I'll keep in mind the hair, skin, and eye color from the Mii pic you had though. :3

    I noticed. I was checking the CLASSIC rp thread, remembering you did a template, except it's like his appearance was skipped over entirely. x'D Thankfully, you mentioned a double edged sword though. BUT seriously, thank you for getting back to me on all the details! :D
    It was amusing, because my mother kept telling my sister to 'gentle' smile, and we kept cracking up about it. Well... fun for the most part, and annoying, cause I didn't get to eat lunch, or brush my hair after getting out of the shower. My mom's really into photography, and there's this formal Winter dance happening in my sister's high school, so... I was both forced to do it and had fun doing it at the same time. lol. Thanks for asking!
    There'll be other scenes, but this one was the most recent in my mind to do. I wouldn't mind drawing Alice being badass and confronting the um... demon thing when she was calling on her necromancy powers. Or Bryer kicking butt side by side Sam. Yeah, I'll take my time on it cause Bryer is who I got to add next in the picture. *is nervous* Haha, I look forward to your next update in CLASSIC, CD. xD Glad I could get so pumped up for writing again... *stomach growls* I need to make myself food after being a photo shoot assistant all day. X.x
    Yup, complete serious! I plan on sending a picture as soon as I get the other parts done. I'll be PMing it to you, and Max, if he's interested in seeing it any. xD There is coughslightnuditycough so just a warning, cause hospital scene. lol. YAY! Thank you for the details on the cane! Which is extremely helpful and shouldn't be too hard to pull off. *u* Well duh, of course! I've got all sorts of scenes I wouldn't mind drawing. So I look forward to sending it to you then being extremely embarrassed at the same time... lol. XD Also, I sort of just gave Alice a crescent moon to stand out more as a birth mark on her chest. ouo I would've added the black stuff from her having a parasite in her, but wasn't sure how to draw it, so left it out. xD Unless specks could work?
    I drew Alice! I'm working on the hospital scene! One of her hands is a little messed up compared to the other, but I am working on Bryer next! *u* He'll be in it too, except maybe facing away from us or side ways. I have the window, the chair, and a small stool for Alice's cane to rest against. Btw, what does Alice's cane look like?
    That's good. I just worry a little, because you said it was like death. Alright, I'll do it through a PM, I guess. xD
    Sorry you're feeling sick, CD. I hope you'll feel better soon. Whenever you have the time, do you mind checking out my template to see if it's good to go? I finished it today. =D
    It's been a while honestly, not sure I really remember everything we RP'd in. I always remember the role-players and writers that were the most active and consistent. I know for sure we RP'd in Sorapaw's fragment's RP, and I believe Pierce's Persona: Frozen, up until I went AFK from the site.
    Man I'm retracing all my steps this week. After being away for a few years, it's nice to see that your still around CD :)

    How's everything been going? Both for you and for the RP section?
    Another surprise...? You are really known for this stuff, huh? I shouldn't be surprised about that and so I shall enjoy it!

    Looking forward to getting back to being Pietro once again! :D and I'm sure you've noticed that my first RP, Kingdom Spirits, is back online after so many months. Now if only Max could get Sword Art Online Recurrence back up to running, we'd be in great business for sure...!
    So, when the heck are we going to do more CLASSIC, dude? D: I've so much ideas brewing around that's about to hurt my head keeping it in..

    On a side note, how are you doing? :D
    Hey, I didn't miss a chapter or something, did I? I got confused when I saw your Simple Stuff thread got updated. XD
    Cool. :3

    My weekend was pretty much awesome, considering we got to grill some burgers and steaks before the weather decides to sent some snow our way. XD Also, I've got to play some KH2.5 for a good while. Those data battles are mean to me. :( then the family and I got the tree up and ready for Christmas.

    Last night was the replaying of Flash/Arrow crossover in preparation for Legends of Tomorrow in January 21st, which is just one week before my Birthday that is the week after. :D
    Not to be a pest, but I am awaiting your post for which I am eager to read. :D

    On another note, how was your weekend?
    Lol, looking forward to meeting Will (I think that's the name?) and his bunch of friends! :D

    Oh, I see. I guess not even RL can't be pushed back. :/ I do hope all will be fine for you, man. :) and if you still want to do the PM thing, I'm still up for it. Nothing is better than receiving some advices from a fellow roleplayer.
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