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  • I can see that, but man I wanna role-play right now because I'm all fired up!

    Oh, man! I completely forgot about the challenge, but I don't really feel like writing them out. Maybe next year, I'll be more inspired to do so! :D And you live on PST, huh? I'm on Central time zone, so I believe we're just few to several hours apart, if I'm not fuzzy on this subject. ;P

    Anyway, I'll be waiting! :D
    Dude, it has been a month since I made my post; when are you going to post in The Miracles and Classic?? D:

    Samies with Max! Now I know you two are busy as Diddly, but it'd be nice to do some actual work for us waiting....
    You're welcome! And that's true..

    Maybe we should spam him via vm until he posts? :p just a thought is all, CD!
    I read your post and I loved it! Like, I'm laughing about that line where Alex and Carlos just reverse engineering a trap for Max. XD That's golden right there.

    Also, I'm wondering if I should just respond or wait for Max.. thoughts?? D;
    That's fine! Can't wait for them both, tbh. :D

    We're on a roll when it comes to writing and role playing like it's not biggie! :3
    You got me smiling so hard and excited upon seeing your post in Appreciate the Invasion. xD <333 I'm so full of hype and can't wait to get to posting in there again. <3 That sly informant is going to be a whole lot of trouble, I bet. I'm curious how it'll work out for everybody.
    Just letting you know the Miracles: Reborn is now up and running! :D

    Of course, the firs post probably gave it away. :p
    Thanks! I had that idea floating around ever since Max posted that one. It was just too golden for me to not ignore it! I took it and fired it away and now we shall witness the actual fireworks as we speak. ;P

    You'll lose your skills if you don't start something up soon and I believe you were talking about General Ellis Wells. He'll be pretty high in the role-play, but that's pretty much up to you if he's a Dick or not.

    I posted in SAO, so next for me is Kingdom Spirits and Miracles! Busy bee over here! :D
    Haha, that's okay. Sometimes, it slips by and you just have to recheck it.

    You're welcome and your friend is pretty good at it! Well, I like either one to be honest. It's more... You. :)

    Well, I posted as of now and I hope you'll get a kick out of it. :D Speaking of which, I'll get started on the Miracles as soon as I can. Probably tomorrow since it won't take that long. It'll be the beginning of everything!
    Hey there, CD! :D

    How are you doing and that's a sweet avatar you've got there! Funny enough, it suits you just perfect! :D Please don't replace it... 'Kay?

    I'm surprised you haven't posted in SAO: R/R now that Max has it back up and running. I should do that as soon as I can. I've got some fantastic ideas for some sweet revenge on Max because of reasons. ;3
    For a brief moment there, I thought you said IKEA instead of MEKA. xD Thanks for the video link! It was quite entertaining to watch. And that's one of the best battle cry's ever. <3 I imagine so, cause it looks like a lot of fun to play based on the videos I've seen. :3 Thanks for telling me about her, CD!
    Your welcome! ooh, I'm curious what will go down in Simple Stuff. *o* Aw, well I look forward to finding out later.
    Hey, CD. How are you doing?

    I'm trying to figure out the tables and all that, but I think this is just getting too complicated for me. XD Anyway, it's coming nicely, so that's a plus.

    Also, I'm kinda working on my vision for the DCCU if it was under my control and would follow some similar path that the MCU is using. So far, I'm just trying to establish the simple stuff like this one is the true Earth: Earth Zero. It is rather the real original Earth yet it spawns infinite Earths with many things.

    Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. XD
    Your welcome. I'll see what I can do about CLASSIC next. I'm happy to relieve you and Max of the pressure of posting. xD
    Yo, I posted in the Appreciate the Invasion RP. I hope what I made up gets approval, because that's the best I had. And I figured Lucy could live in the same apartment as Carlos and presumably Max live in. (I forgot if they used different names or not in the RP.) And I made up a tiny bit of 'chat log'. xD
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