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  • D
    Lol XD

    Make Them >>> Many Horrible Hours Of Slavery xDDD
    Work >> 0.0 Computer I guess...

    But that shops dying, me and my friend are going to make a combined shop instead xD lol you sound like a child on christmas ~~~~
    Back! Awww you don't have to look for it!
    0.0 Never knew that if I do have one...

    Brb, Have to go and get ready. Talk to you later though xD
    I have a fanclub????!!!!!

    Rose Order, Gods Vault and Revenges order sometimes...

    But anyway, wassup?
    Lol good. What posts did you read? Heard of you? Not so much...but thats fine xD To new to practicaully know anyone...
    its of me. i took it like 3 years ago or something and i just kept it.
    thanks YOU for the compliment
    not really, no but we are getting an update
    I am fine, I am finally getting my first rank in boy scouts
    Dunno, I had a thought the other day that if Kairi's heart split in two; half went to sora, half went to riku, then when riku loses his heart xion could be born as half of kairi's heart returned to her body+soul. To many problems with it though- like where did her connection with sora come from?
    Hmm... recently, I post in the Anti-Twilight club on here. I don't often go into FI, except for the Kairi-hate club and the Araliya fanclub.
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