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Recent content by Captain Garlock

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    Help/Support ► Need help

    I see makes sense fear shouldnt be a factor. Its just my deep voice. I can go high but not when I want to.
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    Help/Support ► Need help

    Well i want to be a singer my friend had a gig for me but i didnt show got scared., I think id be good at writing lyrics but i have a deep voice so yeah. I wanna sound like patrick stump fall out boys singer and lyric style but im scared. Help
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    Comics ► Superman Vs Wolverine.

    Always wondered this never got a good answer.
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    Womens rights are to powerful.

    Women in US history have been through the sufferage movement and have had to fight for rights. comiBut lately after being put in ail for a domestic Ive been thinking maybe women have too much power. Ill explain. If any harm is thought to be coming to a woman they calll the police and the man...
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    I dont know what to do in this situation.

    Ok so Im a fulltime student. I get unlimited bus rides due to this and yeah. Now one class I might fail as of now due to attendence and absenses. Two of the 4 absenses were due to me getting robbed and being scared. I traverse a bad neighborhood to go to school. Anyways I looked at the syllabus...
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    Naaa if anything it strengths them as I believe in that girl 100 percent. Even if you dont because at the end of the day she may ignore my obvious attempts at her affection but I wiill still try. <3 ets agree coded is important to the storyine for those who want EXTRA detailed story teling. Deal?
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    The meaning of courage.

    Is courage when you stand up for something and take the outcome or is just being underpressure? What warrants courage and is it tied to ones resolve.
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    True but you neglect the fact that lets say the game is important. All the game establishes is -The letter -Contents of said letter CUT SCENE MATERIAL! Most of us were...thats why were syaing its not important as it can be skipped since it tells us very little. Eceryone has based there...
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    Again what does it deliver towards future plotlines that BBS didnt. I dont think people care about the letter as the letter is obvious at the end of BBS. BBS was the main attraction Nomura did this on purpose. Were not speaking about Sora atm we are talking about the hamer player. Obviously...
  10. C

    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    No we are thinking of it its you who thinks this game is SO important. So the BBS ending does not do that? So your saying the fact that we know codeds tagline "Free them from there torment" and we clearly see people saying Sora is there new hope and saying his name DOES NOT connection Sora to...
  11. C

    Roxas and Ventus

    Its simple. Aqua is the easiest to save. And theres no other logical order for her to go in. She would then lead themt o Ven as she only knows where he is! Then Sora Riku Ven and Aqua team up for the ultimate keyblade showdown. Lasers will fly TITS WWILL BOUNCE BELTS WILL UNBUCKLE HAIR WILL...
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    As everyone else said Coded just give that one tid bit of info that could be guessed if you played BBS or even look at the ending. All Coded really does is explain that letter then after that the BBS cutscene shows after he gets the later. The BBS Special ending basically sums up re:codeds ideal...
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    Help/Support ► Help with suicide situation

    Sometimes it's best to only provide help when its needed. In situations like this letting people walk on there own is something you need to do. Sadly nothing you can do will bring said person back from the grave. Think of it like your friend is locked in a dark room and your on the outside. You...
  14. C


    I liked the capes. The game made them lose major bad ass points. It also seems like they were they but got erased there too skiny in the armor. Capes make everything bad ass...
  15. C

    music from BBSFM trailer....

    Its Vanitas Battle theme. Youtube it...