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  • An island on the Carribean, the Dominican Republic being forced to join Jack Sparrows blood thirsty crew. You?
    I only heard about it recently though but I'm not really sure.
    Maybe cuz I live in a Spanish speaking country. But I need to find a way to find an english download.
    I heard there's a free download link somewhere. I tried downloading GIMP multiple times on my sis's computer but it keeps coming up in spanish =__=
    Sept 2009 I started out as a total dunce XD
    I've been wanting to get my own for a while now, but never really got to it XD
    How long have you been in forums?
    Oh now my memory's refreshed XD
    Nice signature btw. Do you use photoshop?
    Maybe we met in Gil's FC sometime ago. I think it had to do with ice cream maybe?
    ;) Yep! Hoping that they'll go into a more in-depth look on the whole "Xigbar's hard to fool" thing. :D XD

    And I highly doubt that. XD I keep losing my favorite Yoshi! XD AND.


    O________O 358/2 DAYS. NOW. PLZ.
    It was only because of the person who translates them went on a two week trip. ;) She said she'll update soon. :D

    And yep! And cus I just love Yoshi. :D I do still suck at this game though. XD
    >///////////////< Yeah, sorry about my absence! Blame Avatar for that! :p And hm, pretty good. :D Eagerly awaiting the next 358/2 Days manga chapter and hoping for some Xigxas thrown in. :D


    I bought Yoshi's Story the other day. :D Just cus of you.
    Yep : ) I know only few people who enjoy the Fire Emblem series like you do. : )
    Nah, you're practising to get better, aren't you? So you can call yourself a gfx artist in the near future : )

    Seems like we share the same taste : D But which Fire Emblem for the GBA do you mean, The Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones? Both are for the GBA.
    Oh are you by chance a gfx artist?

    Yep you guessed right : D I am a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series <3
    Which one did you like the most?
    : )

    I'm doing fairly well, thanks. How are you?
    Say, your avatar reminds me a whole lot of a character from the game Fire Emblem. Is it Lyndis?
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