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    KH4 probable worlds

    I could be wrong but I feel like ALL of UX disney levels were exactly what you described, basically repetitions of old KH I & II worlds. Except for the final one. Which is wreck it ralph. I can see why they decided to include it ~ it was a great adaptation and a nice setting for this specific...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    if you mean like an Action RPG like most titles, they probably would have to build the gameplay foundation from the ground up since MoM is a rythym game - the 3D models may be ready for using it but only that is not enough to cut not even half development time. Also, because of that, I don't...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    1) It makes sense. Sometimes I wonder what is Nomura's decision and ideas and what it is not. We will never know exactly, specially in game development, but understanding that Square enix won't choose the same as nomura is really important nonetheless. Answering 2), I know there's no game - but...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I"ll never forget an old interview where Nomura is asked something about KH in other medias (TV, Comics, Books, etc) and he states that his priority when giving a new story to the KH universe is to just make a new game and let the players experience the story in first hand. Really wish some...
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    KHUX ► Are the Foretellers truly good guys?

    KHIII shows that in the end, everyone in KH will be fiiiine, although everyone will indiviually suffer and cause suffering for others even if that's not what they intended. The foretellers plot in Back Cover and UnionX to me seems a lot like that same concept - bunch of people being manipulated...
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I understand half of your words because again, I'm not a mobile person, but you're saying I can install a smartphone on my windows and play, right? That's actually a great idea, thank you. Does this work with online games as well, playing with other people?
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I've been gradually more hyped for this game the more I think about it. Don't know if that's a good thing XD When I first watched the trailer I was kinda meh. The visuals seems utterly UGLY as hell, compared to everything we were getting from the last 2-4 years with MoM and KHIII and Remind...
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    Trailer Addict Support Group

    I'm still unsure about how much can I NOT HAVE, specially because I LOVE listening to podcasts and reviews and reactions, so I REAAALLY get the feeling. My secret hope is that Square only spoils the game at a really later date like some of you are suggesting they will, so I can watch some...
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    Trailer Addict Support Group

    I kinda agree, but that really doesn't matter when you know the story isn't finished and you are a child full of expectations ~
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    Trailer Addict Support Group

    That's what I'm doing too, at the end! But I can't trust JUST THE ONE feeling that they will do it exactly like they did in KHIII. What If their marketing actually get worse??? And before the Final Battle trailer, the Dark Aqua one was also a spoiler-y troiler. And I remember that half the...
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    Spoilers ► The trailers from this franchise ruin everything

    Hey everyone. With KH IV releasing a new trailer I thought it'd be a damn good time for us to remind that - Square Enix always ruin everything down the line. I made a topic that serves to be a follow-up of this very one, so go check it. Hereeee
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    Trailer Addict Support Group

    So yeah I'll start: I haven't seen Dark Road's final trailer. Should I? Is there anything/anytime in the Dark Road trailer that is actually acceptable to watch? Or is the trailer abstolutely 100% A BIG TROILER like I feared out to be?
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    Trailer Addict Support Group

    This topic can be very useful if we know how to use it properly as a community. This is a continuation and a reminder of a thread I created in 2020, but more than that, it's a Trailer Addict Support Group. The goal here is to bring awareness to those who didn't follow KHIII in 2019, and to...
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    Dark Road finale to be delayed further, new release date TBD

    IIRC Nomura did say there was only one of two people developing Union X and Dark Road aside from him writing. So that explains a lot.
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    DAE not like the direction Nomura has taken with Xigbar?

    I tend to agree with you because Xigbar is a really great character as XIGBAR through the series as a whole. However I don't agree on the Braig having a weak heart and not being able to wield a keyblade - all Org XIII's members had strong hearts - that's why they become sentient and human...