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  • Much better, thanks alot ^^ I prefer ver1.
    I swear to god though, mine looked exactly like that before she got involved >_> lol xD
    Yeah, the only other brushes than the default ones i have are a few splatter ones from a while back.
    And you should do more graphics. I want all the people back from 2004-2006 xD
    I use default brushes only. I rarely use another brush set unless it's my own. Some of the smudge brushes I've seen just look like shapes that can be done with the pen tool.

    Wallpaper will probably take at least a month to do, cause I'm still looking for the right pictures. It's going to be sort of a collage of things I like. And about being more active here... maybe, but I probably won't post many graphics up because I really don't do them anymore xD
    I'm on my laptop too, it's so hard to judge with the contrast changing depending on what angle the screen is >_>.
    I looked on my comp and it's like, ultra dark, but i don't know if that's right either lol. I did find out a way to alter it on here, but i didn't end up doing it, i might have to do it.
    By the way, do you use smudge brushes, or brush with a normal brush and then smudge?
    I'd like to see the wallpaper when you finish it, if you don't mind. I'd also love to see you more active around here, and see more work from you ^^

    I sound like such a kiss arse xD.
    Awesome, thanks alot ^^.
    I think my main problem with smudgin is that it doesn't look sharp enough, it's quite weak and blends in with the background too much. I'll try what you suggested with the different shades of colour, i knew you did that, but i got lazy when doing mine lol.
    As for the balls, i'm glad you said it was the colours, i thought you were saying the way i'd done them was wrong lol.
    I'm gonna start a new one tonight, but i might take a bit of time with it. I'm planning on doing more sphere's, but looking more metallic with some reflections of the stock in them, sound good?
    Yeah, i've had alot of issues with the darkness of the stock xD I think i might go back on it and sort out the horrible contrast. And what's wrong with my balls!? lol xD.
    Also, any tips on how to improve my smudging?
    Newest tag, like it?

    Haha, I doubt we actually ran into each other.
    My name used to be Beauxxx a while back.

    You've been getting on more, so I figured I'd just start talking to y ou.
    I hope that's alright?

    Yeah, i think i should've blurred the right a little more. Bit's look sharp.
    And yeah, i was looking through the past wins and saw a few of yours. How many did you actually win? xD
    I can't believe i won that one, All the entries were pretty bad, but i don't think mine was the strongest.
    Oh, and i'll pm you the details ;D
    Oh, btw thanks for the advice on my tags lol xD
    I completely agree, colouring has never been my storngest attribute, but i'll certainly work on it. And i really need to mess around with some brush settings to make some good smudging effects. Although i do like the colours in the last tag i showed you, and think i did well with them, they don't really compliment the stock very well.

    Btw, I WON SOTW loololololololololol. First ever time T_T I was so happy xD

    Also, if you've got any time spare, want to make me a tag?
    I like your current one, but i prefer your last. A few of the effects in this one seem a bit random and don't add much to it. Especially the rainbow type blocks. I think the green circles should be behind the stock. Although, i do like the effects on the right, and i love the circles you do. Could you tell me how you do them? xD As always, it's a fantastic tag though lol >_>.

    What do you think of this one?

    Here's my newest, in case you're bothered xD. I tried your smudging and it didn't work, so i did the best i could. Thanks again for the psd. It really helped ^^

    Lol, no problem. I'll have to spend some time on photoshop soon, not been on it for a while ><
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