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  • Goodness :( I think you should have taken much more better care of her, man. Well, I hope she's fine...'A' unless you know for sure that she is indeed dead...
    I really like the text on the left, but like you said, over did it on the right xD. Smudging is awesome, as always. Only thing that's killing it for me is the concept, i think you could've added a tad more depth to it. It's damn good either way, as always.
    That's a cool present ^^ I'd love to makmy own design, but i can't be bothered right now, so i don't think i'll be entering the sotw either.
    What're you doing at uni? My girlfriend starts this year, doing illustraton.
    Lol, i think that was the only fanclub i went in, ever xD

    You should've entered, it probably would've won. It would've certainly been better than what did win xD

    It does look a tad dark, but it's easily fixable, i wouldn't really worry until you're almost finished with it.
    Yeah, i agree with what you said about the shapes, near the ends they tend to look pixely, i tried to fix it but it wasn't happening :(.

    That pixel stretch tag is the best i've seen, too lol xD and i know what you mean when you said it's quite 'Oathy.' I never would've thought pixel stretch would've gone so nicely with a scrapbook style tag.

    Your tag's looking good. What were you going to do with the dollar sign that you got rid of? xD
    Btw, i've finished my vector tag, i made a thread if you want to see the final piece. Not sure if i like it, as always lol xD
    Well, the current skin on that site is technically good, but aesthetically lacking. So i definately think you'll bring something there ^^ Btw, don't bother with the pixel stretch tag, if it's gonna be a pain in the arse xD

    I was gonna get an Asus, but went for Vaio, i don't know why though >_>. My better one which is like a 17" screen is getting repaired right now, the laptop is good, but the physical qualities are awful. Th paint came off in parts, the screen came off one of the hinges and a couple of the keys got stuck at times, all this in the space of under a year >_>. I got myself a new one, only a 14.1" screen, but it's ok. When i get my other one back i'll probably give this one to my girlfriend. I was tempted to get a mac notebook, but was put off when i saw the price xD;
    I don't remember X-gurl xD, and if you know where that pixel stretch tag is, show me, because i've never seen a good one before lol.

    And text isn't my best friend, so i try to avoid that at all costs lol xD

    What laptop has your dad got?

    And i'm sure you'll get the job, have you got much competition there? What forum is it?
    Oooo, if it's good, you'll have to tell me how you did it xD

    Well, me and 42! have appointed ourselves in charge of sotw, so next week we're cracking down on it, the lack of effort is annoying me.

    And lol, I went through a very short phase of loving pixel stretch xD Some of them are AWFUL.
    Cool, let me see your tag when you're done ^^ Glad to hear you're being more active with it ^^

    And lol, i was thinking the exact thing before. People think if it contains one faded vector brush it qualifies. To be honest, i think it's different ideas of what is what. I've had this conversation with Vodka about the "old school" theme. The newer members who enter these don't really have a good idea of what a "real vector" is. Our idea of "old school" is grunge, brushes, pixel stretch ect. I wouldn't even consider c4d's as old school and alot of others did. I'm making us sound like we're about 90 lol xD "Back in myyyyy day we had grunge brushes."
    Lol, i've had a week off, yesterday was my last day off, so i spent some time with that one xD
    Yeah, try the new name out, it'll sort of be like shedding your skin and starting anew. Might force you to be more active lol. I do prefer Taengy over taengoo lol xD
    I'll keep my eyes peeled for a good sprite stock. If i do find anything, i'll set it up ;D
    Oh, btw, i was thinking of a sprite one, seeing as i've only ever done one before. So if you have any good sprite stocks, or a site to find some, we could do that.
    Hmmmm, i don't know. I love the name C4strife, but what do you have in mind?

    And what's the stock?
    I'll be setting up a challenge for you soon ;D I'll have to find a good stock first though, unless you have any good ideas?
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