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  • By me, at least XD I don't know about the rest.

    I honestly can't really decide who's sexier between them XD sure, KH2 Riku makes me shiver time and a new, but Sora's not bad at all. He's just... not even less muscular, he just has less muscle mass because that's what he's like - he's the agile, swift type. He's a bendy boy.
    Sora: *kicks high*
    Riku: o;;o do it again
    Sora: ;D~
    I know, she asked for the approval of the tribe XD
    Meh. stuff happened, I wanted to change for a while. So here I am, looking sexier than you >:3
    Because I'm Invisible and the system is retarded, so sometimes it says I'm on, and sometimes it says I'm off, and sometimes it says Invisible. It cycles. Tho I've never found out why. :<
    I just wanted you to know how badly I love you ;;

    ...also, your profile's background pic please @_@
    I should sctach that out.
    Yeah~ By today you should post about 100-200. maybe
    I know you are.He.
    I'll be waiting for you.
    *wow, that sounded so gay*
    Keyblade... My rep is given out to few people. And since I haven't been on much, I haven't had much chance to rep at all. It's coming... when I rep enough people.
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