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  • Well at least I think premium members can <.<
    Maybe it's in the thread tools...not really sure just assuming.
    Hehe there was a rumor Karate was but I actually found proof in his sig; the pic that is.
    There are probably more but who knows :B


    So many stereotypes v.v
    True, they're just in hiding <.<
    It's rare really, I was the only African American on another gaming site I was a part of.

    In a community of 4000 I was the only one ._. Or at leas the only one to admit it.
    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts looks cool.
    Seems to be a promising game.

    So are you gonna get Gears of War 2 also?
    The Ending was what made you like it more than ToD, eh?

    Guess it was an epic one.

    So what game are you planning on buying next?
    Me, I'm planning on buying Resistance 2.
    I've enjoyed ToD a lot.

    It's awesome, like the previous games of the series.

    Now I'm just on a quest to get all the Skill Points, Gold Bolts and Holo-Plans.
    Gotten most of the weapons to their maximum levels(Level Ten)

    You like QfB more than ToD, right?
    How is QfB?
    Not much.
    You bought any new games recently?

    I bought Tools of Destruction a few days back.

    Looking forward to seeing you become Platinum.

    Is that Shadow the Hedgehog with a Keyblade?
    Awesome layout.

    And hey, your close to Platinum.
    Just 84 more posts and your there.
    Thanksies! Iz happies. Iz flattered dat peoplez iz so sweet and give me reps. :3

    Iz can't wait to see you hit Platinum! Yooz almost there! :D
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