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Recent content by Byakuya

  1. Byakuya

    MF broke my PSP

    I've had my PSP since Final Fantasy Tactics: WOTL came out and I've mashed the buttons almost all day every day. Sounds like shitty luck Or maybe Sony has that recurring theme where FAT systems are better than SLIM systems because they suck at marketing.
  2. Byakuya

    Are english patches for BBS:FM illegal?

    Like making a shithouse extra content game isn't highway robbery and the pinnacle of asshattery in the first place. I wouldn't be worried about it unless you're going to attempt to tell everyone in the world that you download content without owning it.
  3. Byakuya

    What I wanna know is...

    everyone likes cute chicks roxas didn't get enough screen time in KHII and looks better than sora D:< you mean he looks like a dirty korean! It is a tad quirky if I do say so myself the internet is serious business. nevaaaarrrrrr farget.
  4. Byakuya

    What I wanna know is...

    If you ask me, he's the most popular. He doesn't get retarded keyblades <_<
  5. Byakuya

    ? How much is still considered spoiler?

    I'd say quite a few years. Probably at least anywhere from two to five. But spoiler tags aren't really that much of a pain in the ass to use. I'd imagine less than 6 months for your spoiler section of the board to be removed.
  6. Byakuya

    Glide for Aqua's story

    because square doesn't want you to stare at her ass from that angle
  7. Byakuya

    Too Hard?

    dodge roll, pew pew, don't complete a full combo and back off, have patience to learn the art of bullshit profit
  8. Byakuya

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    Well, I've enjoyed it far more than both games in the main series and CoM, so I guess I could say that it is, in my mind, for the moment.
  9. Byakuya

    Who will buy one?

    most indefinitely. I'm just hoping that there will be chances to change your character's outfits in BBS, and I'm really looking forward to finally playing as a character whom is much like Roxas, if not exactly like Roxas. I'll probably end up playing as Terra last, because Aqua and Ven are just...
  10. Byakuya

    Favourite Boss?

    Then it's probably going to be a nightmare when she has to play against Cloud, Yuffie, Leon, AND Tifa in the Hades Cup on KHII. It's a real pain. :S You don't have access to Drives or summons, only items and magic. I think that if you die, you have to start over from the last 10 matches you...
  11. Byakuya

    Favourite Boss?

    I'd have to say the part in which Roxas was able to use two Keyblades and fought Axel. It was pretty freaking sweet. Saix was fun as well. I can't wait to go pwn him again as Roxas with my cheat codes so I can rub it in a friend's face who thinks Saix is teh PwnZorz. >=)
  12. Byakuya

    Easy (or easiest) Level ups

    I don't think this is what the thread maker was asking, but they really didn't make it specific. But for Master, I have to disagree with that statement. I'd say go to that small fissure where there's a save point in Hollow Bastion. AKA, that place you got to save at before you killed a ton of...
  13. Byakuya

    What are Riku's Attack Points 4?

    c nonononono. His Deck of cards and the numbers they bear change with each level you play, if you hadn't noticed. AP just merely boosts the damage he does to enemies.
  14. Byakuya

    Int0rnetZ speed

    Well, the KHI Ultimate Skin makes the forum here run rather slow for me, and I was wondering about Servers and Internet speeds.... I was wondering if having internet five times faster than Hi-Speed could change the speed of which it loads the page, or if the server would still limit how fast...
  15. Byakuya


    I know I already have a welcoming thread, but it's been ages since I logged in. xDDD I've been looking around for some forums to join since some of the ones I used to visit are having some technical difficulties. So far I've joined four other forums and got banned from one on account of the...