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  • Really? Ok, thanks for letting me know. I haven't seen you around the forums lately. Everything alright?
    Hey Buffer! It's certainly been awhile to say the least! How'd you like Persona 5? :D And I love your Sadayo avatar. She was one of my favorite social links to do it because, it was quite unusual. xD I don't remember if P4 or P3 had teachers for social links. lol.

    How've you been doing recently? :D

    Salem makes me think she's a long living Grimm btw. I can't imagine her not being Grimm unless maybe she was a former maiden, except she went and got corrupted somehow? Although that's more of a long shot kind of theory on my part. I haven't watched RWBY since season 4 ended awhile ago. Are you watching RWBY Chibi btw?

    It's great to hear you can play the other Persona games from PSN. I didn't know they were available on there. Anyways, it's cool that you like ReCoded a lot. I wanna say Mite liked it as well? Did you ever complete Chrono Trigger btw? :D
    I doubt that I will since I haven't had much luck with job interviews in the past. Thanks for encouraging me! I am way too pessimistic.
    yeah... I plan on leveling up all the male confidants and probably either kawakami or Makoto
    I felt the same way because I love girls with blue hair... the blue haired variant either means emotional like water or very intelligent hence why I love Aqua so much
    I wound up getting Pokemon Sun and a 3DS, but I plan on trading the 3DS for an XL. I had to sell in my PS3 and my Kingdom Hearts games.
    Not much. I can't believe this weekend is almost over. Sunday is a drag and I was moving too fast when I pulled my muscle, it is doing better now.
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