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  • I don't get it! I tried logging onto Khinsider forums on my phone yesterday, but nothing happened. Yet, today, I am able to login from my desktop.
    Hmmmm my favorites are 1 and 2, leaning towards 2 a bit. DDD and BBS are also nice. :D
    What about you? Which one is your favorite?

    Which animes are on your list? I'm watching a couple of them at the moment as well and have a ton of other ones waiting on my computer patiently for their turn. :'D
    I love it toooo. It is so awesome. <_<

    It is nice, and yeah there are some connections; A couple of characters and locations. Oh the Ronsos are coool (Kimahri resembles Griever so much. :'DDD). Damn I need to play FF10 again as well. It'd be sooo much easier if they created anime versions of these games. Would watch them all the time. :'DDD
    They really are, indeed. Kingdom Hearts has a lovelly soundtrack as well. It is mostly during winter (when it gets dark early) that I start listening to the Traverse Town (the Kingdom Hearts 1 version) theme in a loop. :'D

    Good! I can totally recommend both! Also I just realized that I forgot to mention Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, another great rpg game :3. Best Star Wars-related thing ever created. Both 1 and 2 are nice, although I prefer the original one because the second had financial problems and wasn't finished properly. They say the mmo game is nice as well, but I didn't enjoy it that much.

    Gooood! Goood! The Empire needs you!

    Also, which is your favorite race? I used to love dark elves and nords, but nowadays I prefer Bretons. :D
    All this talk about Elder Scrolls made me want to replay Oblivion again. :'D
    The soundtracks are sooooo good. I love them. I have them on computer and when I start writing I usually play them as background music because it helps a lot! :'D

    Hmmm depends. If you don't mind an older game with really out-of-date graphics and a bit rusty combat system; with no quest helper (you need to analyze the quest description and your journey to find the locations), then Morrowind is for you! If you'd rather stay in a similar atmosphere that Skyrim provides with a quite good battle system and a decent story in the heart of Tamriel then Oblivion it is!

    I played the story from both ways, but actually I prefer a unified Tamriel with strong central government thus I try to ally myself with the nasty Imperials when I can. :DDD
    I deleted all of my pms. Do you have the story that I sent you where Iz is talking and introducing us to him that I sent you?
    Well, I got screwed over by Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix yet again at Titan Cup or whatever it is called in the Underworld. I am level 53 and those Nobodies are really aggravating! Why is Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix harder than Birth By Sleep Final Mix. I also finished Ventus' story.
    Darn, sorry sometimes I make that mistake.
    Yeah I too sometimes forget to list it sometimes because it is so different but it really is impressive, I just love it! ^_^
    Oblivion is a lot of fun and Morrowind is as well, although Morrowind's system is now getting a bit too old; there are quite a few changes between Morrowind and Oblivion which makes the game much-much more fun (combat in Morrowind is very bad until you reach a certain skill level from which it becomes much better). Then again when it comes to setting and story my favorite by far is Morrowind. :p
    I just hope that they'll make a new game even though they already have an Elder Scroll mmo. It'd be a loss if Skyrim would be the last single player game in the series. <_< - Important question: Stormcloaks of Imperials? :p
    Well, I am not much so handy with cooking. I should have my caregiver help me work on making patties and deep frying french fries from potatoes.
    Dirge of Cerberus is mostly weird because it is hardly an RPG. It is a TPS with rpg elements and most of the time you don't see anyone else but Vincent. By the end of it some old characters get a bit of cameo but yeah that's it. Anyway it isn't that bad and if you want to know the true end of the FF7 storyline you should at least watch the videos :D

    Do you like other rpg games as well? :D
    Crisis Core was really cool but it could've been so much better if they didn't make it for the psp. ^_^"
    CC and Dirge of Cerberus together presented a rather interesting character of the 7 world (Genesis) and I'm super disappointed that the whole Final Fantasy 7 story ends with a huge cliffhanger. <_< (maybe now that they'll remake 7 there's a faint chance of a continuity? Hopefully?)
    I had this special SNES emulator on pc millions of years ago and the first 6 games were all available on it.
    KH2 Sephy? He's hard if you don't have the form abilities, but if you level them up he becomes easy, you'll be fine! I wonder how KH3 Sephiroth will be, he has to be there, it wouldn't feel like a nimbered title without him and his ridiculous sword.
    Yeah Roxas can be a pain but at least the music is top tier! You can enjoy that while suffering. I'm actually at the point in my own crit run right now where Roxas is next, looking forward to it :v
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