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    Final Commands

    Ooh okay Thank You! Smile. and Thanks, Dark Wing. :biggrin:
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    Final Commands

    Can anyone of you list ALL of the Final Commands in Recoded? I need to know :) and This Avatar stuff do I need a friend that has Recoded as well, to access it? Because every time I try to use it, nothing happends I can only change my avatars outfit, how lame.
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    Thanks! Do you know of one for the finish commands?
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    Can someone send me a link to a walkthrough that says how to get all the magic and attack commands, please?
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    What's the name of the castle that Aqua is starring at?
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    KH:BbS - Ad-hoc Party (Discussion and PSN IDs)

    It'd be much easier to understand if the video was using Birth By Sleep instead of some stick people game.
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    Why everyone hate this game?

    I don't hate it. but what i don't like is how boring the fighting commands are. Hit, hit, hit=boring. Minus that i loved the game. I like how the end is sad and what not. :D
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    Revelation on Riku's Memories

    Ahw i can't see the coded videos :/ they're not available anymore.
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    Mirage Arena

    Is there no possible way to actually play "Online" in the Mirage Arena?
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    Mysterious Figure.....

    i beat him today with both Aqua and Ven. :D i used loads of fire surge, thunder surge and barrier surge.
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    Confetti, Fireworks and Victory Pose.

    I know that victory pose triples exp. but what do confetti and fireworks do?
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    Giga Magic/Attack Recipe

    Oh, well thanks. [: Man. What a waste of medals then. I had too many anyway.
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    Giga Magic/Attack Recipe

    Okay, so I got both of 'em and I don't know what "ultimate" attacks they meld. Which ones do they exactly meld? I already got some pretty good ones like deep freeze, glacier, raging storm, Tornado, etc. Before I even got those recipes.
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    UHHHH I'm confuzzled.

    Proud mode is always easy, seriously. It's like the exact same thing in my opinion.
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    Lightbloom or Prism Rain?

    Lightbloom all the way!!! Prism Rain's color are cool-lookin' though. haha