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  • there might be hints at a keyblade war in BBS, i don't really know. because it was probably just a concept at the time.
    kairi's heart was trapped in sora's body. when sora became a heartless, both roxas and namine were born.

    roxas is sora's true nobody, while namine becomes a special nobody because she was born of sora's body and kairi's heart.
    that's why she has the whole memory ordeal going on.
    Alright, you're my test case for this, but I think it'll work out fine.

    Firstly, welcome to the forums. It's always nice to get new members. As for the basics, make sure you read the FAQ [Click] and this thread [Click]. In the second link, my post contains a lot of tips for getting respect from people, which seems to be something that you're looking for.

    Once you've read those, feel free to ask me anything else that you're unsure of, and I'll try my best to help you out.
    i don't have anything against you, it just seems like every question/thread you start has already been done before.

    i just don't like seeing multiple threads with the same topic.
    if you ever need anything, just ask ^.^

    I'm normally hanging around while doing schoolwork.
    Noich is ok, just stay on his goodside. Same with most other mods while some of them do enjoy just messing with people around here. Keep this in mind, "Take nothing personally on here, even if some other retard does."
    You can tell by the color of their name. Black means they're newish, Red [like me] on the way to moddom, Barfish color is Platinum [they can shutdown threads], and any bright or other colors are higher ups who control stuff on here.
    That'll be hard. XD

    Every mod has a bone to pick with someone about something, it's unavoidable.
    Closed threads are threads that've been closed either because it was a very farfetched or idiotic idea, or it was answered and no more could be said.
    Whatever is in that video and not in any other trailer or something official is conceptual. Nomura didn't even help with that video is what I'm hearing.
    If I'm ever a mod, I hope to fix the title. Now it only seems to strike fear into new posters. XD

    The whole video you're talking about was just a concept, so those keyblades aren't really in BBS.
    No prob. ^.^

    I'm nice to all the noobies, some of my good friends I met trying out their first posts. And it wasn't a horrible thought, people can just misinterprate things and overreact.
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