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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Launch Trailer!

    Oh mai globb... The feels... >///< I just had a Kingdom Heart attack... Is it weird that I'm totally jealous of all these people?
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    Exclusive: KHInsider Catches Up with Ben Diskin!

    It's pretty great that Ben shares the fan's opinions as far as Young Xehanort's intentions are concerned. It'd be pretty sweet if YX had intentions of his own.
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    Recap! Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix NA Launch Event

    Awww, lucky! Sounds like it was a total blast, jealous! Looking forward to hearing any new KH news, when we get some.:redface:
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    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    I would like something new too... I am just a bit weary of rehashes and remakes from SE. I didn't say that the game's dev would take away from KH3, just that I think it's a bit silly to remake the latest installment in the series two years after it's initial release. It may have happened before...
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    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    I don't think it's impossible for 3D to be remade for PS3 or PS4, I didn't mean to make it sound that way. I just think it'd be a bit superfluous to remake a standalone game that already exists on a current gen platform. I think I'd rather have Dream Drop Distance Final Mix instead, which would...
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    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    I may sound like a total cynic, but I just don't think that KH 3D HD makes a whole ton of sense right now, for three reasons: 1. The game is designed for the 3DS. Dream Drop Distance, unlike Birth By Sleep or other titles was made for a current gen system, moreover it was designed specifically...
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    Lea's *business* in RG?

    Hey everyone, so I know everyone is super psyched about a possible KH3D HD ReMix, and as much as I hate that we might not see any new KH content for a while, I must confess I am excited too. :) That excitement got me thinking about the secret ending of KH3D, and it's connections to the elusive...
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    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Ok, so I was wrong about it being AX, but who could've possibly saw that coming! XD But srsly, nobody believed me when I said it was right before the scene from DDD with Lea... lol, oh well, nbd I was wrong about parts of it it anyways... I'm just a little confused, if Lea and Ienzo and the...
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    SPOILERS: First Screen from New Re:coded Secret Movie?

    Well... yeah, -technically- it does happen before it, chronologically speaking. lol But yeah, I see what you're saying. Pretty psyched here too! :)
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    SPOILERS: First Screen from New Re:coded Secret Movie?

    While I understand the idea that it might have something to do with Braig and AX's convo in 3D, if the interview with Nomura is correct, and the scene takes place " before Axel (Lea) and the others wake up." then I am assuming it takes place during the events of 3D. And that Lea and the others...
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    SPOILERS: First Screen from New Re:coded Secret Movie?

    Well, to be fair, the scene preceding the scene with Lea is actually a cutscene with Roxas. The scene you are referring to is actually from the beginning of the game. The thing about it that tells me that it is a different scene is that in the original scene, the camera is from the perspective...
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    SPOILERS: First Screen from New Re:coded Secret Movie?

    I'm not sure if my comment got deleted, or just didn't post, but I was reading a transcript of an interview that happened with Nomura just today, and speaking on the secret endings he said that in addition to the scene with Maleficent, the other new scene included is actually not the scene we...
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    Daybreak Town: It's fate?

    Hey there, So, Like pretty much everyone else on this site, with the exception of a few, I have never played KHX. Which saddens me greatly.:frown: But, while I have never played it, one of it's many mysteries has intrigued me. This mystery is of course the mystery of Daybreak Town. My question...
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    Namine a Keyblade Wielder?

    One question has been plaguing my mind ever since KH2. Can Namine wield a keyblade? To me, there are two possible explanations. 1. Why not? Namine is Kairi's Nobody, and has links to Sora, so it wouldn't be hard to see her wielding a keyblade. Since both Sora and Kairi could wield, it could...
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    BBS Music re-master anyone?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that. -^_^- I was -kind- of looking forward to a re-arranged version of Namine's theme, and was kind of let down when it didn't happen... :p Well if they do decide to remix a few tracks, let's hope those few include "Enter the Darkness" and the final battle music! :D