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    Ardenelle Vent

    Easily the worst world in the game in my opinion. Maybe I was burnt out from hours of playing but I just found it so boring. The Ice Labyrinth was a terrible filler area too.
  2. brandedkarma

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack Appreciation Thread

    Are we allowed to post links to songs because someone posted one on Youtube that I think needs to be heard. Yoko is really doing gods work.
  3. brandedkarma

    Are you out after KHIII?

    I'm not a fan of the future of the series being based around the storyline of a gacha game but I'm still gonna play regardless.
  4. brandedkarma

    The treatment of women in this series

    It feels like Nomura went full Naruto with KH3 and I say this as a fan of both. Kingdom Hearts and Naruto have had a lot of similarities already (though a lot of them are regular tropes and shonen tropes) but the crappy way in which Nomura wrote his female characters in this game just reminds me...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    So after the epilogue, I think for the future we're gonna get: 7 DARKNESSES Master of Masters Luxu Gula Invi Aced Ira Brain (This is me assuming he's the traitor) vs. 13 LIGHTS Sora Riku Kairi Roxas Axel Xion Terra Aqua Ven Skuld Ephemer Laurium or Ava? Mickey I'm not sure what kind of...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Maybe you're right. The top looks like a crashing wave and beach to me though.