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    The "In my pants" music game

    I remember this popular game on a forum I was on. The object of this game to type in the name of the song you're currently listening to (Ex. Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy) and then write "in my pants" at the end of it. (Ex. Dance Dance "in my pants".)
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    A Fairy Tale Like No Other

    ((This is an origional story made by me. I just wanted to share my story to see if anyone likes it.)) If you are into stories of heroes, princesses, and evil dragons, turn back, because this is no ordinary fairytale. Tales have been told over many centuries of virtuous heroes who use their...
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    Organization Story (Musical)

    Organization Story (Musical) Cast and Description Marluxia: Guy who looks like a girl with pretty pink hair. Axel: Pyromaniac and has the hots for a certain someone. Larxene: A sadistic woman who can’t spell very well. Sora: The hero and keybearer of the story. Demyx The guy who can play...
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    New angel shadow member

    Hello, I just wanted to greet everyone.