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  • Hi-ho! Welcome, like many people have said. Some good people to add are...well. The two people I recommend don't like Kairi/ don't ship Sora x Kairi. So never mind then. But you can talk to me about a few things. I, myself, am not a Kairi fan so you're going to have to be careful when you speak about her to me. And most people on the forums.

    Hope you have a good time here! And don't worry! We bash on Kairi like its no one's business.
    That's great to hear!

    Not the internet problem thing... the himbeing good bit.
    Oh, that's the rp [roleplay] character he said he was making then. He wants some practice before getting into an official thread, so I was helping him out. :3
    Oh, you're his sister? Well, nice ta meet ya! :> And I meant 'why' as in, why didja wanna know if I knew him? owo
    No need to thank. :D I like adding buddies.
    Yep, he goes by Gesso now, though. Why?
    Jeebus=funner way to say 'jesus'.
    Lots of brick houses, wide open spaces, lotsa helicopters and planes flying around. Oh, and you see people in camo walkin' around cuz a majority live here. :3
    Jeebus, seeing so many reactions like that has me curious now. What do people picture military bases looking like?
    Well, it takes place on a military base, so I doubt civilians could go. =w=; But~, with summer coming up I bet you'll be getting a fair on your end too.
    It's going to be a theme-park, with lots of rides like roller coasters, ferris wheels, that sort of thing. ^w^ My dad's deal is that, in order to go, I have to ride the biggest, scariest, and fastest thing there. owo; Hoo-boy, no lunch before this.
    I know. XD You can see the username of people who post on your page.

    I've been good. :3 Going to be going to a fair this weekend. How're you?
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