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  • Oh, she won't pay you back. Most certainly D: Did you give her your acc details? You can't do that, she'll think it's an extention of her own money ("what's my child's, it's mine" > what most moms think) and will use it freely >_> Don't count on that money anymore. But still charge her for it, who knows, eh...

    Yeah, with gen 6 you can catch them all, alright. Even if you don't have people close to you do trade with (internet, yay!). But only gen 6. Gen 4 and 5's internet conection was cut off by the time gen 6 launched, so you'll only catch 'em all at those two gens if you have someone to trade with next to you >D

    Of course I ask for money!! XD But the poor befriend the poor. My friends ain't giving me money, so I just stick with 'congratulations's from them hahah xD

    OH NO, MISTER AXE *catches the axe* don't run off without my consent!! ?c?) I won't judge you for not playing PoP... I myself didn't play the 3rd game for ps2 yet... xD

    Y-yes, I will! Thanks Q_Q
    LMFAO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The hell Blu!? x'D Where'd you even find that!? Funniest thing I've seen all week ahahahahaha
    How long...? It really depend on the person D: I took only 12 hours to finish the first half (the second half opens after finishing for the first time) of Crystal (2 gen) once, but that's because I was rushing. It's an RPG, so it will take a while, every one of them. And to catch them all? Pfft, it takes forever. And you can't catch all of them using emulator. As I said, trade is needed to complete de pokedex, and you can't trade with emulator (unless yu know cheats... wich I don't)

    Yeahahaha xD you gotta tell people what you want! People can't give me what I want cause I collect many diff titles of mangas and my non-otaku friends never know wich to pick (it's usually what I ask for... or games, but those are expensive, so mangas are a better choice for me), so I end up not getting anything at all. Bah.
    Well, the problem never was the closeness to your job, right? It was the people you're liing with. That won't change even if the place is convenient to your job. If it's not unberable, then it's fine, but once it reaches that point, you'll feel the need to move out, even if it means to go to a farther place.

    Oh, hahaha! XD I went to watch The Prince of Persia FOUR TIMES at the theaters (each with a diff person xD), downloaded when it was avaliable HD and watched it a dozen more <3 I love everything about that movie! *loves the games*

    I'll reharse at my friend's place haha :v they're gonna laugh at me for sure, but I'd rather try with an audience than without one >_>
    NO! D: Don't skip the first generations!! D: The best part is to see how much the game's graphics has improved since the last generation and all that! D: and the change from gen 2 to gen 3 is almost breathtaking! So much collor and <3 (gen 3 is my less favorite, btw ahah xD)

    Well, spending too much (or even it all) on the first month is very normal haha xD Even on the first three months. You ust gotta get used to the fact that you're gonna get money at the end of the month, every month! Just help with the basic stuff, and of course, don't tell them about moving out xD You don't have any chances of moving out for now. At least a year from now, maybe? You'll have saved up quite a bit and will be used to paying stuff around the house. Just go looking around for places with cheap rent!

    ahahahaha xD But if YOU want to go out, why don't you? xD I'm just saying what I'd rather do (stay at home).

    What? NO D: Practiting in front of a mirror is EMBARASSINNGG WAAAHH T__T >>I<< will laugh at myself and feel shame AND second-hand shame! I'll feel doubly ashamed and... waah ?_? Well, of course I can manage to look at my own eyes for a short period of time. But when I start doing something I feel that's ridiculous,or simply stare for a long time, I just avoid my eyes >_> And you should know I don't apply make up very often (only for parties hhaaha :D), so one less problem ><
    Ooooh~ I'd like some anime merchandise for once. =D Art books would be so awesome to have, especially of some series' that I know of. ;A;
    Which books do you want? =D
    *pulls out evoker* All kinds of fan! >8D To bad they don't play Burn my Dread though, I love that theme. xD
    That art is gorgeous. ;A; Aigis is such a good character. <3
    You want the books for profiles? =O
    Maybe you'll have the money by the next convention! :D
    xD Years ago? Daw I was hoping you still had your cute head flower~ lol
    Hmmm I keep trying to find new ones but I'm only getting the same thumbnails I usually fin- WAIT!? The heck is this!? https://scontent-2.2914.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/p180x540/394490_3613435490280_1315420231_n.jpg?oh=101b3ca735646486398c8886a8c0576e&oe=54FEF1D3 lmao ahahahaha x'D That's totally a dragon ball z or street fighter cover! The guy getting ready to sneak attack your is hilarious, you and your fan are elegant and the other guy...not sure. x'D
    Hmm..back to search...I keep clicking album but nothing new...haha wow my know how of tech is so sad to be born in the generation I'm in. x'D
    Lets seeeeeee.....I don't know where you are in that bubble picture but the scenery is so beautiful. ;A;
    Now I'm getting a list of shows....huh you read Black Butler. Surprised you dont' visit the manga thread. =3
    lol That's totally the look that portrays what your thinking. x'D I've had it to many times myself not to notice it immediately. lol

    EDIT!! I seem to have finally found a type of search. Still nothing of a blue teddy bear though. The only recent images it shows of this year is you out with that akido class looking all rukia badass.

    I see. I lack a scanner right now so I should probably find something that can draw lines right? I seen a thing called Cintiq on DA. Is it some top of the top tablet? =O It looked pretty big.
    haha Think IKEA will have a pixar lamp for you then? xD If they do you should position it in a way like pixar does.
    I had one of those battery/cordless mouses once. It was a pain. x[
    Say wah!? Woman that's to long to sit in the dark! xD lol I know the pain, KHI's white skin alone hurts my eyes due to brightness. haha I might trying frying an egg on it, I' know it'd cook it well and fast. xD
    That is a waste of land and a shame as well. =[ Drive-ins are so fun. They won't even build a park there!? D8

    I hope you get to move out soon. Wish I could live on my own as well.
    haha So your at the point were you sit down and make a list of things and decide whats more needed....I hate that list. Reminds me of what I can't get yet. xD
    Yep but that's usually only middle class jobs like mine and sadly due to our economy the 2 week pays don't go far. >_<
    Online store? Be careful then. It's always best to be careful of online things wanting money.
    I don't see what's difficult either. They may charge them though but the charge shouldn't be all that much to such a big company. o_0

    Ohhh Hawaii would be nice, be like Stitch! 8D I hope I get a vacation some day. TuT Srsly!? 8D After seeing some of those images of yours your country looks like it'd be an pretty place to visit! What kinda places you got in mind ms martial art master? ;D lol

    haha Did the yaoi fancition claim you early?
    I think I'll pass on it despite good art. x'D I fear what I'll see.
    Nope. What's sake like? =D I've tried something called Moonshine before by accident which is made from corn and such. It....was so powerful Blu...like damn the moonshine made vodka seem like kool aid. TnT It burned....

    Games? GAMES!? There's games in the morning?! Since when!? D= I feel like I've been cheated out of fun filled mornings my whole life now!
    *offers cake* That's the spirit! Hopefully what children is had learns from the folly and turns out better.

    I can see it now. The melon lord will strike again!!! >xD
    What kinda of aniems? =D Breaking Bad ended some time back so maybe you can find the series on dvd! =D
    I havent heard of those anime movies before. They look good? I've been watching Gravity Falls, you'd like it. It's on it's second season now.
    So that's were the Bee and Puppycat image came from. ==3

    haha Really blue? Really? No bad hair days at all? ;D Is it cause of that flower you put in your hair? *laughs*
    What? All the links I sent are dead? D: Ugh, I thought I was helping...

    Well, it will take a little while until I show you them fanarts, then xD Gen 4 and beyond are for DS (gen 6 for 3DS) , and god knows I don't know how to mess with Desmume. >_> if you know how to, then you can play on your mac, but if you don't... we'll have to wait until you buy 'em games ahaha <3

    Yes! Yours! You can help with the bills, of course. But don't let everything go to the house. If you do, you'll be even more bound to that place. You DO want to move out, dontcha? Save up and say to your mom you're trying to make your pocket money so you won't bother anyone about it anymore. That should make her not want to use all your money for the bills (?) or for herself. Say you don't have it, say you deposited at the banks and are waiting for it to grow and can't mess with it and all that. Give excuses and don't feel bad about it. If you only keep giving out the money, you'll be working for others and not for yourself.

    Ahahaha I don't like leaving the house if it's not important. And if it means spending money, I'd rather stay inside, too. If I gotta spend money on something, it better be on games or mangas. I ain't using it for anything else if I make the call u_u. And yeaaah haha.... ha >_> I don't like when people keep saying I must watch something, so I just kind of got fed up with the Frozen hype and didn't watch it >D I still don't feel like watching it, but maybe someday...

    I AM SO EMBARASSED OF PRACTICING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR T__T *hides face under blanket* I feel ridiculous! I feel so ashamed I hide my face or avoid my own eyes when looking at my reflection >__< There's just the presentation left, yes, and some corrections to make. I'll... I'll reharse it at my friend's house or something.... D> anything but the mirror! ?__?
    Bunny ears? lol *mental image forming*
    That's surprising, I figured the first day would be bad too. =D That sounds like an awesome convention! TuT Wish I could see it. Sounds exciting! =D Do you get any sneak peeks at stuff? I bet the merch there is awesome. =O
    =D I bet you see some really well done cosplays there. What's the best one you've seen? If one of those bands plays Burn my Dread I'd freakin flip. I haven't found an image of a robot yet (having trouble finding the full album list) but I do see one with you, a dog and some big flower in your hair. How cute~ lol x'D
    Also this image makes me lol: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3613403569482&set=a.1407990875543.2058357.1105583033&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fscontent-2.2914.fna.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-xfa1%2Fv%2Ft1.0-9%2F432077_3613403569482_934727748_n.jpg%3Foh%3D50d37ae899d1e09d218f1092ca1bb759%26oe%3D54D34459&size=397%2C397 That's the face I give when thinking "what the f*ck man?" xD
    Oh oh wait! I see a group photo or two but no robots yet. Why is it so hard for me to work this thing!? D8
    Muwhahaha AFA beware she now has money for her hoodies! xD

    Does the Wacom work good? I have a thread here but it's giving me variances in what's good.
    haha That may be better, birthdays are a great "I want" excuse. xD Your sitting in the dark!? You dont' want to do that you'll get pale like ol Gram! I have an old lamp similar to the pixar lamp. It was my grandpas lamp and it still works but it gets really hot. o_0
    Ah that sucks, everyone should see a drive-in. =3 Well drive-ins typically are actually small fields or big yards with a couple lanes of dirt roads but I'm guessing there's no big plots of land there either? Yeah but the better part of the 80s! 8D You wouldn't believe how nice it is to sit outside a car next to the little audio boxes and watching a movie on a cool summer night is.

    My parents are also rather stubborn since they prefer to get it done their self. You have no idea how sad. Many things I just up and decide to do on my own to learn it. I learned to clean from my jobs.
    D8 That would be a difficult pay period to live on. Here your paid every two weeks for those two weeks. That's great! lol Get a decent charger so that you don't have to buy another soon. xD
    Your moms right sadly. I'm not sure why it'd be easier to transfer it to one bank over another though. That's a bit odd to be honest. o_o

    That sounds so epic!! ;A; I'd love to see those big school of fishes like that. I've only been to the ocean once and it wasn't no where near that beautiful or memorable at the location I was. It almost sounds like one of those tropical island resorts when you describe the one you went to. =D
    haha They don't know what they was missing! xD

    le gasp!? Has Blu developed a dirty mind due to fanfiction!? xD
    My mind was already destroyed when google gave me my first taste of random yaoi images. I learned right quick not to type in certain names together from that day forward. x'D
    *drools a bit* They sound delicious. =O- *just got back from work and is hungry*

    Damn straight! I don't want to see the sun rise! Mornings be damned let me sleep! xD Life is to dull and passes by to fast for me to care about seeing my surroundings that early.
    Sorry to hear they're such people. =[ I find such folks rather pathetic personally cause they let their gambling rule them. Though people like to gamble and play cards here we do so mostly for fun. Kinda a thing for the adult and old men of the families to do just to sit around and bullsh*t ya know? The amount is always 5 cents with the most you can add being 10 so there's not a lot of money going into it. I have relatives that also like playing other nongambling card games such as rummy and the like.
    It's good you cut ties with them though cause I'd hate to see such people constantly annoying you. x3

    SHE DIDDDDD!!!!!! We're gonna get some badass Toph action on those earth empire chumps!! >8D I bet Toph can totally kick Kuvira's ass~

    That's all? =O No shows have caught your interest at all?

    Random of the day! I bet this is totally you: Bad Hair Day by Zombiesmile on deviantART xDD
    YAY <3 I'm sorry for sending the wrong link D: I thought I checked to see if it worked on mac >< Sowwy D: But what matters is that you downloaded it! YES ?w?
    ... when will you start playing? :D

    Well, if you find pixels sexy, then yes, prepare yourself for sexy pix-- I mean, for sexy villains xD I have a ton of fanarts here stored, too <3 Wuv 'em <3

    What? Share? No! XD It's yours! XD And it's your first. You won't be able to share much even if you wanted anyway. I say save until you can use it properly on something. And no treating anyone! XD It's good enough that you're treating YOURSELF! ;D And what is your mom saying? :eek:

    Eh, you want me to leave MY ROOM to go alone to the theaters? *apprentice shut-in* Nope D: I'll only go if I have a reason to leave the room (i.e. friends)
    Ooooh, I'm easy to cry, so I think I'll cry at least FOUR TIMES if I watch Big Hero 6 xD Can you believe I didn't watch How to Train Your Dragon 2? xD I didn't even watch Frozen, for god's sake! It's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last went to the theaters...
    Ahaha everyone's been commenting about Interestellar's mind-blowiness xD My mom already found it online. Someday...

    Aw, mom, I'm okay :D Thanks for the concern. I finally finished writing my thesis and handed it over to my teacher so he can proof-read it. I'll need to hand it over for realz 3 days from now. And I'll present in two weeks......... my... stomach... hurts...
    lol That's good. I can stare at bricks any time so an entire episode of that would be dull. xD

    xD That mean you got other animal hoodies? What's AFA? =D I've never been to a convention thing before.
    Your a rukia so long as your holding that sword~ Have you achieved bankai yet btw? lol xD
    I've tried, it just doesn't work. TnT See this DA profile image: Dravoo (Derek) on deviantART You know how many times I had to take a picture just to get that? D'8

    I'm not sure what the difference is but I mean the one that you draw on and it shows up on the computer. =O
    A wireless one would be boss. Maybe you will get it after you hide enough money. =D
    Yep thats it! Drive-ins are so cool. Much better than a theater. TuT You can eve get out of the car, many do, and sit outside to watch the movie. =D
    xD Moms like fancy things cause it lets them forget their getting old lol. Well my parents are stubborn folk and as far as their concerned if it's not done by them it's not done right so it's only in desperate matters the let me help with anything I do however pay the internet bill and small things like that. I'm not really sure how I do it I've always been able to save money so it's just a part of my nature I guess. ^ ^"
    D= Only once a month!? H-how do you survive!? Yeah I would. One thing my parents taught me is to always check the bank on pay day. You can't trust a company over money after all. ತಎತ

    haha I see. =D Oh oh was that fun!? I've never been snorkeling before. See any mystery fish? 8D

    lol I see. I'd cheer too then. xD
    Wut? *looks at image* Ah what!? Now I can't look at the image innocently either Blu! xD You madam have a mind for spotting strange things dont you?
    What's a mochi? =D

    I already sleep more than I should, I'm not made for mornings~ xD lol
    Sadly most of it is beyond mending since the ones that can mend it are either to stubborn or dead now. But I guess that's a natural outcome when your related to as many as I am. x[

    YOU BETTER HAVE! xD What about the preview of the next episode, seen it? I felt bad for Bolin haha. He was thinking he was helping people but help get Opals family captured.

    EDIT: Love so Life updated! TAT Why are these children so freakin adorable Blu!?
    EDIT2: btw is there any new shows you've started watching recently? =D
    Jake the Brick? Interesting title. =D Let me guess, Jake is a brick? lol
    Only in pokemon~ x'D

    Good. I don't see any teddy bear yet but I see bubbles and you in a teddy bear hoody or at least it looks like a teddy hoodie to me. You must like cute things~ xD
    I find the background landscape of what I can see rather beautiful as well. o3o
    You do photo sessions with swords!? Heck yeah! Badass dojo~ xD lol With that sword and gi you could pass for a real life Rukia from bleach.
    Everyone is so much more photogenic than I am. Cameras don't like me, it angers them that they can't get my soul~ x'D

    Then question! What would you say is the best but affordable drawing pad you've ever used? That's good then, nothing worse that bums that dont pay bills. Mockingjay? Is that one of those hunger game movies? Someone told me the main actress in those movies is from my state. o_0
    lmao The hell!? She just blows money that isn't hers? haha We have names for people like that were I live though such people. If that'd have been me I'd have likely made snide comments at her the whole time like wondering out loud how someone so small can suddenly eat so much when shes being treated. xD
    Can't blame your mom there, I love peanut butter & toast in the morning myself~ x'D It so good Blu, so good. T^T <3
    They charge outrageous for tickets there? Some places can be like that here. The cheapest movie place to still go to is the Drive-in but it's only open during summer and I heard last summer was it's last year. </3 Ever been to a drive-in Blu? =D
    If your mom blows through money like that so quickly then you won't make it on your minimum wage. Even with my whole family working we don't get far. I'd spin it that the money needs to go the important bills first before she starts demanding anything. It's an excuse she can't work around cause she also likes all the fancy things those bills keep going. xD
    You guys get paid on mondays? =O We get paid on fridays here. Weird. Well people that work get paid on fridays. People, which is now most of the stat, that dont work get paid every 1st and 3rd of the month on bogus sh*t they don't even have. It's a sad sight to watch. =_=

    Well that's exciting isn't it? =D Have you ever been off the main island before? haha Don't worry about that I can't even tell you many details of my own town though that's more to do with the fact I have no desire to better learn my town. ಠ__ಠ
    Sometimes the best things aren't planned. ;D

    hahah That picture is fantastic! x'D You can tell he's both proud of his little cat jet invention and laughing at the brothers reaction. Reminds me of how my dads side of the family used to be to each other. x'D Wasn't a day that went by that they didn't pull pranks on each other or did things solely for pure meanness.
    Speaking of Big Hero 6 though I came across this today and bet you might like it. =D

    That is an odd dilemma. But maybe all the clientele will convince them to hire more.

    lmao Yes Christmas is actually almost exactly one month after thanksgiving then you have new years. The last two months of the year is just full of holiday food lol. Christmas was always the funnest though back in the older days. 8D We had a lot of houses to visit then so I got presents on christmas eve and day and everyone was always getting along and the older men on my dads side was always getting into their liquor. xD They favored one called Ancient Age I believe.
    Sadly the older folks that kept such traditions together are almost died off however so the families aint as tight anymore. Once the old grandparents go the children focus on their own families and in-laws. =[ It doesn't help that there's been fighting too and some other deaths. A lot of my family has been dying off recently due to old age and one due to some other reasons.

    Oh!!! By the way have you seen the latest Korra yet!? =D
    Oh oh the channel that plays things like Adventure Time and Steven Universe finally came back on. Still haven't come across any new ones I missed though. >:

    Also the things you find when playing pokemon:

    I see. =D lol No need to worry about catching up I was just wondering how far you was since you said you used to read it.
    There's green in it? All I see is blue. o_o

    Incognito account? Are you able to delete them after your done? EDIT: Nevermind, made up so bogus name bwaha. Still which of these mountain of images is the graduation? *shifts through them* There's so many images on this thing. o_o
    EDIT 2: I see images of those training gi things. It's somehow cute yet I can tell you could kick my ass. ತಎತ *waits to see image of kamehamaha*
    EDIT 3: I see a sword! All hail the badass that is the way of the sword. I now demand you cut a tree in half with it like a boss.

    If she makes that much she could/should help. I only make minimum wage but will help pay one when my parents aren't to stubborn to let me. Needing a new drawing pad? A field trip!? =D Where to? haha I'm sure you will. You'll get out or yours long before I do mine. =]

    He's not crippled. o_o He's just old and like all old people hunched over and to be fair barely anybody was much good against the waterbender your talking about. Yes I'm sure. xD Don't you remember the season 2 finale when Tenzin, his siblings, Mako, Bolin and Unalaq all went into the spirit world through the portal? Those portals Korra left open lets humans go physically into the spiritual world and it makes it easier for spirits to come to the physical one. =3
    There's also people like Jinora, Korra and Zaheer that are spiritual enough to meditate into it as well but meditating into the spirit world only sends your spirit there. The portals let them go in physically.
    In the original series it was rare for anyone other than the avatar to enter the spirit world but back then the portals was closed and few had the spirituality to meditate in aside airbenders and the avatar. But that's no longer the case thanks to Korra leaving the portals open.
    It's no theory we see both beings travel between the worlds regularly. =3

    I'm surprised they have fanfiction so soon. lol Sadly I havent seen the movie yet so I'm afraid those fictions would be spoilers for me.

    Hm...I see. So no ones really being pricks just being overwhelmed? Why won't they hire more?

    xD I would but they ate everything. lol You'd be surprised how true that joke is in my family. I'll settle your curiosity then, the vodka I tasted had no taste that I could tell. It just burned a little in my chest and stomach after drinking. It was surprisingly less stout than that moonshine I accidentally drank once.
    The family we visited, my dads uncle, is probably one of the few of the extended families that still get along so it's always nice to visit there. I usually go see them on Christmas Day as well. =D

    I also found another stupid fox for you! 8D StupidFox - 122 by SilentReaper on deviantART
    Yes <3 gorgeous just like I thought <3 As expected of my asian babe.

    I KNOW, RIGHT? D; EVERY ANOTHER FAN IS SCARED OF UMBRELLAS. So am I >_> And I walk with a pointy one just for... safety :D (It's not thaaat pointy, but you know.)
    Aaah those are worst D: They call out on you and you're like 'omg they remember my name WHY DON'T I REMEMBER THEIRS' >_> I feel so bad every time.
    Okay then :') I'll... wait.

    Yeah, the pokemon catching part is only for self satisfaction, the plot is what matters <3 and I'm warning you, after gen 4 (for DS), the bad guys become way more likeable *loves both villains from gen 4 and gen 5* (okay, the gen 5 one isn't really a villain, he's more like a... I don't know... he's too cute <3 I cried at the end. I CRIED PLAYING POKEMON. Gen 5 and gen 6 made me cry at the end)

    BAHAHAH XD I know the feel! I almost used up my first three paychecks with stuff I needed to buy (mangas, games... xD). After that I finally managed to save up a little xD No problem in using more than you plan on the first time(s), but DON'T MAKE PROMISES LIKE "HEY, LET ME TREAT YOU". NOO!!! YOU AIN'T TREATING ANYONE. OKAY? Don't make any more of those promises.

    I... I didn't D: None of the above. I don't have the time to go to the theater, nor the money >_> Unless I go on a weekday... and usually I don't have anyone to go with, cause, well, it's a weekday. D: I'll try to watch Interstellar sometime, everyone's been talking about that sheet I need to go see for myself. But I'll go FER SURE to watch Cinderella <3 When it's out, of course.
    lol How far are you? =D She's the cutest manga child ever. xD
    lol Isn't turquoise just another shade of blue? I've never had a favorite color either. ^_^

    If I make one I'll have to deal with people I don't want to....but I wanna see those pictures. D8 There's a few left that dont. xD
    I see. Hmm...that is a dilemma then. Isn't any of your siblings old enough to take care of themselves to ease the money drain?

    Why does everyone see Zuko dying? D8 He could meet Iroh alive now thanks to Korra leaving the portals open. =]
    I'd like to see all three meet and reminisce about the original series. Perhaps have Toph complain that she still hasn't got that field trip with Zuko. x'D
    Hopefully the weather doesn't make you wait long! 8D

    They already have fanfictions of that movie!? o_0
    Then they're opening up? =3

    So it's American Thanksgiving today and we spent it at my dad's uncles house. I laughed my ass off at that crazy old man. xD I even took a few sips vodka with him.
    I usually go to places like mangastream or batoto.

    Ahh I can't open it. D= Does that mean I have to make a face book?
    I find it hard to believe that much money vanishes from house sales. >: Suspicious.
    Then what do you need to spend it on? If you need the money then spend it on what you need to that way by the time she asks it's done gone. o3o

    Irate is a word for angry or where I live a word used to described being beyond anger. I'd rather it happen in the show than a comic wouldn't you?
    Psssh I'm totally sure! I don't know how long it'll take given how weather is here but by hell this blue snowman will happen! xD I'll get as much food color as I can get.
    =D It falls at random but maybe around January or February I'll get a good snow.

    I dunno. Surely there's one person like him in real life. =3
    Man the office friends sound really dull to go anywhere with. D=
    What's ISP?Eh Mangafox is overrated anyway, it's lost most of it's series cause of licensing.

    That's alright. 8D Pics!? Hell yeah I wanna see! I don't have a facebook though. D8
    \^o^/ Wooo payday!! Pffft she has her own job for cash! What ya do is just say you done spent it on something like say gas or good or something that you use. Something that'd make sense. Then just hide the money. =D

    I've been wanting that to happen since Toph appeared!! If they end this show with no moment between Katara, Zuko and Toph I will be irate. >:
    As much as I need to! xD By hell I'll at least make it's head blue I guarantee it!
    Yeah we're okay here. The snow didn't last long but took out a power place before it melted. I wish the snow had lasted so I could get you a picture though. =O

    =D I might try to then.
    haha Maybe you can get him to adopt you. =D
    So Big Hero 6 is better the second time? xD lol So aikido friends are the go to movie group from now on?

    This is the most touching thing ever I just can't: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/83/73/20/8373206bf0d75e86669c2e92ec012124.jpg ;A;
    Whaaa-? Where are them picturesss?? ?__? Where's my dressed up Blu?

    Ahahaa, of course <3 and I always make sure to walk with my pointy umbrella in case something happnes xD
    BAHAHAHA TOTALLY like this! XD We had a Japanese Fair yesterday and I worked as a manga seller at my friend's shop, and maaaaan, so many people I KNOW I knew, but I forgot everything. The customers were like 'oooh, it's been so long since I last saw you at the shop!!' and I was like "y-yeeaaah ahahaha :'D" (who is this omg, no wait, I think he hit on me once? Or was it the other guy? Oh god.)
    Ah, ok, if you don't want to play it THAT much I won't force you ?_?

    ahaha omg xD You get to watch that awesome speech all over again! XD I wish we had speeches like this. It's just a party over here >_>...
    O-oooh okay, I'll wait for the pictures, then >_> *fidgeting*
    Well, that's all flavour text's all about. It's to give depth to the story, even if just a little, and even if we don't actually see it in game. I think it's to make the world more believable when we try to imagine ourselves in it...
    Yep, the plot is the same on the first two games. The third game usually lets you catch all the legendaries you couldn't on both versions, so it changes the plot a little but with the same outcome. So it's just about being able to catch more pokemon, really.
    (might I add, my favorite game of all times is Crystal, the 2nd gen 3rd game <3 AND the remake for DS, SoulSilver <3 )
    ^_^ That's okay. Just don't get down on me. Gram don't like down faces. ;3
    You got to graduate even with the money thing?! That's great!! 8D
    Then take yourself a short nap. It's impossible to work without sleep cause you eventually give out. xD

    haha Tophs so cranky I doubt she'd even let herself get crippled. I was wanting more out of Zuko, at least show us if he learned lightning it not.
    Nope it is decided! I shall now try my damnedest to find enough food dye to make a Blu snow man. xD
    It's gotten bad in a few places. Snow can be deadly if it gets to much because it can cut power and even bury houses. Snow even took the power out of my town the other day. I still consider it a happy and beautiful sight though. ^_^

    Mind blown?! That must be a good movie. =O
    Hmmm several have said Big Hero 6 wasn't what they expected. Good to see it was still good though. =]
    Haha Is he the perfect bro?
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