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  • 20yrs!? That's damn good for a table. It must be one of those large handcrafted ones. =O I'd love to see what it looks like.
    haha I can understand that. I keep anything of use or value and I get rid of what isn't. Since I pretty much only have left what is useful though people don't know what's the junk and what isn't. xD
    You don't have a sewing machine? Or do you need a different one to embroider? So you want a basic cap? =D
    That gif gives me sadness. Does the movie give sadness? D=

    TnT I hope. Nearly everything I try is only alright to outright bad. I fear by the time I find anything it'll be to late.
    I know plenty of people cause the town is small but not no one I'd like to meet around with such as a friend or acquaintance. x[
    Psssssh! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder madam Blu! You think you've seen prettier while I think your one of the prettiest I've ever seen. xD

    We all cried when Senketsu burned. TuT It was so sad. </3
    I'm glad you liked it so well though. Did you manage to see the last episode? It was an OVA set after the series during graduation? =3
    What is a Aldnoah Zero? Spoiled you on purpose? xD
    Me to! It feels like new episodes are rare for some reason. I wanna know why Bill Cipher doesn't want Dipper to find things out. ouo

    There was a ban on martial arts at one point? =O Wow. Seems like that was a anime or movie plot in something I seen once. So they only get stave's now...tbh I'm not sure if I'd be disappointed or not cause the tattoo sounds more boss. xD
    Hewwo! ^u^ Sorry about the long hiatus there. X3

    Out of those anime, I've only seen Sword Art Online. XD; But I also got around to watching both versions of FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note, and a couple of episodes of Soul Eater.
    Sad as it is to say the way games or movies or any media really portrays siblings is far from factual. I have none myself but like I've said before my family is heavily extended, I'm actually one of the few that is an only child. So I seen how they all were as I grew up and not one of them acts like you see in any show. I've seen some that get along sure, some that even come to the others defense, but for the most part they bicker and mingle little outside holidays or when they live under their parents roof.
    It may not mean much from a single child but....I wouldn't think it odd to be envious of what wasn't real. Those kinds of siblings you see on tv are something that'd honestly be nice to see and a close type of feeling one would want in real life I think....
    I'm jealous of pretty much everything I see in fiction I won't lie. I have a rather negative outlook on the world and people as a whole so to see those fictional worlds makes me wish that was my world since the one I'm in is so dull and quite bluntly just feels empty and/or hollow.
    so don't feel to down or like it went wrong somewhere. I've seen family that goes wrong...you'd know that if you saw it. You and your siblings not talking much is honestly a much lighter or normal outcome to what I see going on around me with my parents and their siblings.

    Your table sounds huge! And quite ornate. =D Its hard to imagine how much you must have on there though if a table that big is full. xD Are you a closet hoarder Blu? ;D
    That's crazy!!! o_o It wouldn't be much from that in price here.....I'd never be able to afford that. Dx
    I don't think that sounds cheap. Sounds about right for a lamp actually given the kind you want. =3
    You know how to make hats!? o_o I forgot you could sew.

    I'm 23. I'll be 24 in April. TuT 24 and still no direction in life or skills....
    I have but I can't afford to move out nor can my parents afford to help (not that I'd ask). It truly is that bad here, if anything I sugarcoated how it is here. There are some decent folk but they're usually older retired people from the 40-50's era and few of them are left. Everyone else younger has given into drugs except for a handful of people including me, my parents an uncle or two and so on.
    Pffft! I'm sure lots of guys would! As far as I'm concerned your one of the cutest/pretty girls I've ever seen. I'd even be willing to shave off the beard if it got a date. ^_^
    Of the two of us I think it's safe to say I'm the one that no one will want to be stuck with. ^ ^"

    lol First time I've ever been called normal. =3 Do women not get to take part in a lot of traditions like that there? I'll have to search this Bali dance. =O

    You watched that much!? =O Wow I didn't think you'd have the time to see that many. How'd you like Kill la Kill? Gurren Lagan was basically about humans breaking free of a villains oppression. How'd you like gravity Falls? ^ ^
    I still ain't got to new SU or AT myself. xD

    Explains that. lol xD
    He failed only cause of one fail? D= That's strict.
    eh, really? D: I'm sorry, I got in the way instead of helping...
    It's next tuesday *gastritis attack* gaaaah, I... will... SURVIVE!!!
    Sawrry, already did it. The AP was half full, tho, and no clash message showed up, so I think I managed to log in between them? :D I killed some bunnies.
    I can log in to your acc right now cause I'm at college! Wich missions are you focusing on? D:
    "They" found out? D: Who? D:
    I'm sorry, I'll be finished next week I promise >< I can't help you until then, I'm really, really, really, REALLY sorry m(T_T)m
    OH MY GOD D: Did you try to do the same thing you did before? Opening that proxy stuff and unchecking all the boxes? D: You have it on your thread... right here! Did you try that?
    OF COURSE I kept them! D: Shota is love! Shota is Life!!! <3 I ain't taking it outta my deck! Nope, never! u_u It's the only Assist I've ever ultimatized <33

    Not a problem about late replies D: I hope you're not exhausting yourself too much ><
    I know. I never could quite grasp or remember anything in the class though. xD
    I'm sorry to hear that. My larger family as a whole is like that nowadays but there's still a few that can get together and talk. =[
    I ought to put moths in your moms closest for making everything your fault. >:3
    I guess that is good. Plus I can keep you company while your practice. ;D (though if you start doing anymore anal surgeries I'm out >x'D)

    Okay then laugh it is!!! =D Twp funnies for ms master chi warrior!
    Who the heck farted ? by kawacy on DeviantArt
    When walking with your siblings... by kawacy on DeviantArt

    Good! You should laugh all you can. ;D
    haha From the sounds of it China doesn't even respect their own heritage.

    You dont finish the story!? xD That's drive me mad. haha Perhaps you should buy a bookshelf with that lamp you want. =]

    Your welcome. That site is good for updating. =D

    They're that high!? o_o How does anyone afford them.....

    Oh I see. =D Go with white it's better. How big is your table? x'D
    How much is the lamp? Maybe you should get a plushie Baymax. xD

    Your almost 23!? I didn't realize we was the same age. xD
    I know the feel. Everyone asks me when I'm getting one and....to be honest I don't like my options were I live. It's either a drug addict, relative or whore and...I fear such relationships would get me stranded here forever. Dx
    Dont' give into pier pressure or you'll be stuck with someone you don't want. Dx

    That's...a very loud dance. xD Is it bad I'm sad there's no women in it? ouo"
    So it's a religious type dance, no wonder they was all chanting and trance like. Garuda? I actually know what that is thanks to history channel. lol =D
    haha You may be making it up but I say that'd make a good anime series. x'D

    You don't use the safety? That explains everything. x'D

    lol Those two days are always exceptions. ;D

    You should give Mushishi a try then! =D So you wasn't much into Guren Lagann or Kill la kIll then? =3
    You saw the entire season already? =D That's fast. How did you like that twist ending to season one of GF? See any of season 2 yet?

    Oh ho I'm very far into them miss bubble machine and poses with fancy hats~ >:D
    lmao You have a street fighter ref for an instructor!? No wonder your badass. xD
    Everyone asks me when I'm getting one and....to be honest I don't like my options were I live. It's either a drug addict, relative or whore and...I fear
    Oh, but I LC'd all six into my HPed card xD I don't want to use sids now, I'm saving them for the next Reset Gem so I can max out my Shota Sora <3

    oh, taxes D: You better find the tax you feel better paying, since you'll have to pay it anyway >_> And I'm not saying not to give her the money when she's breathing on your neck xD I'm saying yo avoid this position at all costs again ><
    And no problem, rant all you want. It's better than keep it bottled inside :D

    Okay, I'll... fave the page and watch when I can :D
    lol Most errors are do to the way people talk and write where I live. ;] (plus I didn't do well in english class >3>)
    You don't need to feel sorry or feel rushed. D= You've always replied rather fast I thought even a day or two or even three apart. Most people I used to know don't even come here and say hi at all ya know so seeing you at all is always welcome.
    Rushing yourself will make it hard to answer anything. All ya got to do is take your time and be calm and it'll come natural. 8D

    Also you seem...down again. D= Will this cheer you up: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/340/6/b/lok__i_couldn_t_resist_by_neodusk-d88uyhj.jpg or perhaps a funny story of my accident prone self?

    Wow that's pretty damn boss! =D Four trophies, you became a super choir! xD
    Well that's disappointing and...rather disgusting to hear. D= They don't even take care of their own national monuments.

    having a hard time? =3
    Also I managed to get to episode 5 of Over the Wall last night. My internet wouldn't let me get farther but I'm gonna try for the rest tonight. =D
    What? You should pay attention! D: This event's cards have boost against the event's heartless, so it's very good for them missions <3 I got two Second Chances from the trials already, thanks to them! <3

    D:? Wich part you didn't get? And I'm sorry to hear about your card D: Next time, put it on a necklace haha...ha >_>

    oh, I thought it had real people acting on it! XD How cute, must be good.
    Yes <3 I'm trying to get the Wisdom Sora quickly from each set of missions <3 Only one left until I HP it, yay <33 And it's combat animation is SO cute I want to puke rainbows.

    Then go talk to your bank supervisor (?) and inform yourself about the taxes of having a credit/debit card. International purchases work mostly with credit card, so it'll be a good investiment. And you can use your money without having to pull it out with your mom behind you.

    Nah, everyone is like that. Don't kill yourself with guilt, it'll lead you to the gastritis path xD You gotta try harder, alright, but one step at a time.

    No, I saw you recomending it to someone somewhere, but I haven't the slightest idea about the plot and all...
    OH OH BEFORE I FORGET!!!! =D I finally got to see the graduation picture!!!! =D That book you was holding couldn't be more accurate. haha xD
    There's more?! =O Figured it was still ongoing. Alright I'll watch the rest. ^_^
    May take me a bit though since my internet is a bit slow. =3

    How is Blu? See Korra? Still finding it hard to figure out what to say to my posts? lol =]
    lol Alright alright I'm a watching it. =D Must be good if your so hype.

    EDIT: Watched it!!! It was good. =D Surprised it was only 10min.
    D: Don't feel horrible, that's who they are. Moms will always act like that (don't do this with your kids, it may break the cycle). And why were you pulled out your entire money? D: Can't you leave it in your acc for when you need it? Credit card? Debit card? D:

    I think you should draw while playing chi hahaha <3 Use the game as an inspiration too :D
    haha Just reply with what comes to your mind silly. xD Am I that confusing to talk too? Perhaps I'm making you flustered? *chuckle*
    lol Yes I watched it till the end end. Not sure what to make of it but it made me laugh so thank you. ^_^
    *facepalms self hard* Of course it'd be something simple like the friend thing. I feel dumb for not being able to figure it out for the past few days. Sorry. ^ ^" I sent it though. I've learned to work this thing a bit now, went around editing stuff but haven't really added nothing of my own. My life isn't exciting enough to add things. xD
    lol Suuuuuurrrreee~ xD Totally looks like a rendition of Street Fighter to me~
    =D I see so that's why some places looked familiar. What was China like? Was it full of smog? Did you see the wall!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Did you unlock the mysteries of chi and become a super warrior?

    haha I see so your a book lover. =] Do you have story ones you like as well as art? I was never much of a reader myself but I do love a good art book. TuT
    I see. ^_^ Are such artbooks hard to get at the convention or did you just lack the cash? Perhaps the next one you can finally buy one of those books. =D
    =] The art is good I didn't know the artiest was female or from SE though. =D I like the art of FullMetal Alchemist as well and she also does the manga adaption of Heroes of Arslan which is getting an anime! It'll be like FMA but fantasy kingoms! 8D
    No update? Was this the last chapter you read: Kuroshitsuji 99 page 01 | Black Butler 99 Cause it was only a few weeks ago. =3
    I love a good fairy tale! =D I'll be sure too then.

    I bet Cintiq is expensive though isn't it? You can do that!? My phone now has a new use~
    That would be...suffocating. D= Though it's kinda odd cause it's opposite where I live cause it's all woods, drug addicts and a town that is literally 2 miles in overall diameter. (says it on it's wiki even x'D)
    Yellow? I thought all lamps was white. Springs? What kinda lamp has springs? o_0
    hahaha I don't think it shameless but prepared~ >x'D That way people have no excuse for not knowing what to get you. 3 months? That's so soon! *o* Mine don't come back around till April and I'm not sure I want it since I'll be 24. xD The time is flying by to quickly as I age. I remember when I was 14 and just a month felt like forever.
    That's good. =D Originals is pretty sweet.
    hahaha But how will I learn bankai from you or learn this snorkeling place of yours if I don't find you in the city? x'D
    The Hawaii of Indonesia sounds nice. =D Kecak Dance? Like hula dancing?

    lol I'm surprised you manged to make it to college without finding yaoi. It's a good thing you enjoyed it though. My tale wasn't as nice. x'D I was young, early highschool, finally got to try google and only now learn the safety search wasn't on....it was horrible Blu. So so horrible. x'D The art wasnt even good either so it made it worse. lmao
    lol You might not drop the first gulp but believe me it'll burn as it goes down. xD Moonshine makes vodka look like water. Be careful though of where you get the moonshien. Most of it is illegal cause...well stupid American reasons but how much it's diluted always varies. Some people make and drink it at dangerous levels. >_<

    haha Alright I'll make sure to watch it after I watch Korra tonight. ^_^ Have you ever watched Mushishi? It's such a great anime Blu so is Attack on Titan (though its very gory) or how about Kill la Kill or Guren Lagann?
    I've watched Doctor Who from 10's era up till the last season but I'm growing bored of it myself. I'm debating dropping it after the Christmas special.
    You should!

    hahahah No. I'd actually have a rather bad day if you ended up on a flower bed. xD Though you should consider keeping one in your hair~ ;D
    Also this: https://scontent-2.2914.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/487803_3548504667050_1599302995_n.jpg?oh=8f07b341c9b6c7937c506ddd7ff922f6&oe=551C3BA6 made me lol. I see the old man and all I think is "FIGHT!!!" xD (street fighter/mortal kombat reference)

    OH! Before I forget I came across these today.
    The hug of big brother by Victorior on DeviantArt
    DeviantArt - The largest online art gallery and community <this one gives me all kinds of nostalgia TuT
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