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Recent content by Bloodblade777

  1. Bloodblade777

    I wrote over my sons 1.5 saved file

    Playstation doesnt let you share save files anymore? Man I didnt know that, thats really lame
  2. Bloodblade777

    Some thoughts on Scala ad Caelum (Theory)

    this is a really good theory, those capsules in hollow bastion / radiant garden are probably the same as the ones in Daybreak town My only problem with it would be that radiant garden wasnt always like it is now, the heartless invaded and the world fell to darkness only after Ansem and...
  3. Bloodblade777

    Will Verum Rex be kingdom hearts 4 or will it be something else?

    I personally would really be stoked if verum rex was its own KH game, or even its own IP, i could definitely see it being a hubworld of KH4 though like some people are saying, though in my opinion that would be a bit disappointing
  4. Bloodblade777

    Will Verum Rex be kingdom hearts 4 or will it be something else?

    Will "Verum Rex" be the basis of KH4 or will it be its own separate thing to KH4? what are your thoughts?
  5. Bloodblade777

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    BBS is just as major a game as KH1 and KH2, actually correct me if i'm wrong but BBS was originally planned for Ps2 and they had to cut a lot of content to have it fit on PSP
  6. Bloodblade777

    Comprehensive Analysis on the Verum Rex Back Cover

    Interesting analysis! I think its very likely that Yozora is currently in a stolen body too. Remember not only does he say his appearance is "not what he really looks like" implying the body he is in isn't known to others as Yozora, but that we have *never* had a Secret boss who has actually...
  7. Bloodblade777

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    Arendelle in kh3 was so bad... I hope if it is the movie team give them more creative freedom
  8. Bloodblade777

    Demyx in Melody of Memories

    Now that nomura said the rhythm aspect is relevant to the story, maybe there is more of a chance? Oh god, if Demyx is actually the MoM... :eek: I feel like the fact that hes the only org member left that we know nothing about, means he will be very important. edit: in KH3 ultimania character...
  9. Bloodblade777

    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    ps4 since I dont have a switch
  10. Bloodblade777

    Demyx in Melody of Memories

    Do you think Demyx might show up in MoM? I mean music is his thing and this is a rhythm game. Hes also the only Org XIII member whose past self we know nothing about, even less than Luxord
  11. Bloodblade777

    The Seventh Disciple theory

    Hey folks, I am new to the forum but followed khinsider for a long time, i just wanted to hear what people thought about a part of the black box, sorry if people have talked about this before, put some tinfoil hats on because this gets a bit crazy In the last few seconds of X Back Cover, we see...
  12. Bloodblade777

    New guy here

    Hey guys long time KH fan here, my favorite KH games are KH2 and BBS and I was also a versus 13 fan so Verum Rex hooked me into KH again. i decided to make an account here 'cause the KH subreddit was getting annoying and I wanted to talk about the KH games and story, and reddit is filled with...