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    Reverse Kh2 intro => Hidden meaning !! 0_0 I wasn't on the forums for a fairly long time and i don't know if this has been posted yet so here it is . of course credit goes to the guy who did this
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    Cowboy bebop andGantz

    hey , does anyone know where I can download for free the cowboy bebop and Gantz OST for free? I searched all over the net but didn't find anything .. thx in advance
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    what's the connection between -no spoiler in title-

    ..saix and riku when he first appears in TT and talks to sora saix says sth about riku which i didn't understand .. so if anyone could explain to me what it s all about i would be grateful ^^
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    4th guy in the secret ending (for the ones who finished kh2)

    For those who already finished the game ..when Riku takes off his coat in the NEO world you can see it ''flying'' away and i don't think it's bc of the wind . You also don't see any feet or hands but i think u don't see 'em bc of the perspective. If it is a person ''flying'' away It could be The...
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    How to get Final Form

    Someone on wikipedia stated that to transform into anti form you had to merge at the moment you are hit by a heartless..Now i tried that for to get the final form in the world that never was , i let a nobody hit me and fused right after it and ... I GOT THE FF! So i hope this will help you if u...
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    Still questions

    I finished KH2 like one hour ago but i still have 2 questions left : 1.WHO IS THE GEU ???? 2.Why is Xemnas in a knight outfit at the end of the game ? Oh yeah and playing wit Riku is really really really cool ... it's just stupid that it's not more than one minute...aaargh now i'll try to get...
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    Memor(y/ies?) of Xenahort

    As some of you might already know during the secret ending of KH2 some sentences appear during the trailer ... One of them is Memories of Xenahort.Based on the new infos we got about Xenahort losing his memories and Ansem taking him as a disciple and if we assume that KH3 is going to be a...
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    KH character test (better one)

    Here is another KH character test : I'm Riku ^^ and you?
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    Japanese Manual

    On , the japanese manual of kh2 is scanned . I looked at the character section and .. Riku isn't there ! Could it mean that he's afterall not a main character?! what do you think?
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    Steamboat Willie Video,75,8877-PS2-TV-Kingdom-Hearts-2-En-noir-et-blanc.html Hope it's new ^^
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    Pete Boss Fight Video,4,77685-PS2-TV-Kingdom-Hearts-2-Pete-passe-a-l-attaque.html I'm not gonna watch it but here it is ! enjoy
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    A last question regarding the KH2 import(no spoilers)

    I ll get it in a few days but i still didn't buy the magic Swap . I live and europe and i have to import it too.I was searching on a few sites and they said i have to buy A combo of Swap Magic and slide card but then i saw that for the 2 newest versions of the playstation 2 (v9 and v10) i need a...
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    Xehanort and Ansem

    I made some research on kh2 on wikipedia and there i saw the voice actor of ansem ... Akio Otsuka as Ansem (Xhenarot)sp? then i accidentally refreshed the page and then i saw Akio Otsuka ... as Ansem, DIZ ??? that's really crazy ... and for those who saw the secret trailer after the kh2 ending...
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    Knights *spoiler*

    Have you noticed towards 02:03/04 there is a shadow in the middle of the screen who looks a little like an unknown.
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    Google and Bush

    I don't know if u already know this but : Go to and type : miserable failure the searchresult is funny ^^