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  • Come on dude, have faith, we have some good sig makers working there. Especially with you helping out, we're going to be unstoppable!!! XD.
    Well it looks like we are because people are starting to request me making a shop, I think it's also a lot easier for me to do requests if I had a shop because I kinda get screwed up when people PM me with requests, so yeah if you wanna join Center Stage Graphics, you're welcome too.
    Dude, me and CC4e are thinking about opening a sig shop together, I know you work at your own shop but would you come by and help us out a little??
    Yeah. It was the best stock I could find of Sly and I really wanted to use Sly so that's why I went with that stockXD
    Yep, hey on my entry for the comp. with Macabre, you were asking me where the lower part of his body went, well that pic is from the case of Sly 3 and he has no lower body on the case, what's in the tag is what's on the case.
    Dude I have the coolest Sly Cooper tag I'm gonna use for my battle with Macabre, it's sick.
    I was thinking about having five judges in my comp. with Macabre so you can still judge if you want to.
    I just made a challenge to Macabre, we need one more judge, come there and request to be our final judge! Hurry!
    I saw your entry, you're going to kick my butt, we may have had a contest if the clipping mask didn't screw up.
    It's pretty cool, I like it, I don't think you'll win by default because I did use all of the stuff that I had to use.
    Okay I posted my entry but it looks like crap because I kept doing the clipping mask right but all these green dots showed up in the tag so i don't think it's right but whatev, at least I truley learned how to do c4ds.
    Okay, I'm almost done with my entry, I have a c4d but I'm still trying to figure out the clipping mask lol.
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