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  • lmfao, in the real world if somebody was telling everyone to shut up about Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars or whatever, that nerd would get their ass stomped flat yo!
    "People need to shut up and stop acting like they know better than the paid professionals in charge of this series." - you

    you take video game discussion way too seriously. it's your problem, buddy :)
    you exude hostility and anger. i'm not the only person who thinks so, hahaha

    next time you're in a thread and disagree with people, think about what I said instead of telling everyone to "just shut up"
    After your outburst in the unpopular opinions thread, and then irrelevantly trying to dictate what should be discussed on a thread that I made, (you were completely off-topic) I've come to the conclusion that you are one angry little guy and should consider making a new account and acting less hostile next time :p
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