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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    Yeah, this game is looking great. While I still am not really digging Zack's voice, everyone else is great, though maybe a bit stiff in spots.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    So apparently, Nomura, Kitase and Sato did a interview for a Korean site about CC Reunion. While there wasn't really anything new, the comment about CC's ending not being a contradiction, and that we have to play to the end of the Remake trilogy to understand is interesting. I do wonder where...
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    Feelings about the 20th Anniversary so far

    All in all, I was quite satisfied with the 20th Anniversary. The announcement of KH4 was the big draw for me. I went into the anniversary event with fairly low expectations, so KH4's reveal was a very pleasant surprise, considering I honestly didn't think we would be getting to KH4 so quickly. I...
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    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    Wow, it's cool that we finally got to see this. It's not bad. I have to wonder why Haley wasn't Sora in this, but Bobby Edner did a surprisingly good job. That means Sora shares his voice with Vaan, at least for this version. I do have to say, the interactions between the characters was better...
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    Angela Lansbury dies at 96.

    So unfortunately it's true, Angela Lansbury died today. Another class act. Really glad we got to have her as Mrs. Potts in KH2, even if it was only once in the series. RIP https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-63221326
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    To add to this, the fact that they remade the character models with the Remake ones also seems to imply this as well. If you think about it, if this wasn't really connected to the Remake, they may as well have just given us a upscaled version of the original for the current consoles. But the...
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    Disney announces Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23 Expo 2022

    Huh, I actually did not know this. I never played DI though, so that's why. It's definitely interesting, seeing as it seems that it was one of those movies Disney wanted to forget.
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    Disney announces Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23 Expo 2022

    That's Gonzo from the Muppets. Pretty sure Disney has long forgotten Condorman by this point lol.
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    Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event recap video released!

    Wow, I'll be honest, I almost completely forgot about the recap video. Great to finally see it. And I have to say, that last scene was surprisingly adorable.
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    RIP Pat Carroll (voice of Ursula)

    RIP. She was an incredible actress, and she lived a long life. We KH fans were quite lucky we got her as Ursula for more than one game in the series. Ursula's next voice actor has tremendous shoes to fill.
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    I don't think it was ever actually confirmed, but I think the scenes featuring the LW in KH3 seem to confirm that it isn't canon. Mainly because SDG don't seem to recognize the LW itself, and Sora acts like it's the first time he's heard of it when Namine explains what it is to him in Re:Mind...
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    Versus XIII characters re-used in KH4?

    So I've been thinking about this for a bit. We know that for KH4, Nomura is borrowing fairly heavily from his unused Versus XIII concepts. Yozora is KH Noctis, Magia is red-haired Prompto with Ardyn's hat, Aegis seems to be Ignis and Gladio combined, and Not Stella is basically brunette Stella...
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    KH4 Development Timeline

    It's funny, I almost posted this, but it looks like you beat me to it. The 13th Vessel on Twitter also made a good point about development as well. Another thing to note about KH3's development was that they had to re-build everything from scratch. Up till that point, all KH games were developed...
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    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    Thanks. Wow, I totally missed this one. Have to pay more attention on my playthroughs lol.
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    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    I have to ask, when was Ellone referenced in Re:Mind? I completely missed it.