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Recent content by blagiechanga

  1. B

    Deep Jungle Not in Chain of Memories?

    How do you know he didn't forget it like some of us? I for one thought that was the least memorable level.
  2. B

    A different plot for Kingdom Hearts II

    He mentioned that when he said it was similar to the princess scenario of the first game.
  3. B


    Almost all of them in Sora's story because I didn't really figure out how the enemy cards work until I was in the Castle Oblivion part.
  4. B

    sepiroth fight

    Yes, that one guy beat Sephiroth on Critical Mode at Lvl 1 with no accessories or armors (or very many abilities, i think) and never got damaged. All he did was use Attack, Reflectga, and Guard. If you don't believe me, watch the video here: YouTube - KH2FM Sephiroth Battle ---- Lv1 No Damage
  5. B

    Terra & AP

    That would take waaaaay too long, especially on Critical.
  6. B

    Organization XIII Math

    dude you need to go outside occasionally
  7. B

    Coming to the US

    that actually gave us no new information
  8. B

    Final Results for Gamefaqs poll.

    MuffinMan it was 40,000 people and im pretty sure they would be able to understand that thats only a fraction of the people who want it, as not every person who does want it to come out here has voted on that website. I think theyd be smart enough to be able to apply the percentage of people who...
  9. B

    What did you think of

    i thought it was pretty good