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  • Whatever. Look I don't HiddenMew because I wrongfully received an infraction from them for something I didn't do. And when I tried to explain that I wasn't doing that they said that I was obviously doing what I received the infraction with the only evidence being that I did it multiple times a long time ago. So basically HiddenMew was saying "This is what I think you were doing which means that's what you were doing". HiddenMew refused to listen to a damn thing I said! *bangs my head against something out of frustration*
    Look since I know you I just want to say something to you partly out of frustration: On the Bulbagarden forums, don't trust anything she says because there's a good chance she's wrong.
    I'm the one revitalizing them and making them in the first place. haha
    I'm glad you like those. xD
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