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  • Aww :(. Hope it gets better soon~ Do you want to talk about it, or talk about something else?
    No, I'm really not lying. Trust me. You're very cute. :3

    Plus, you can't call someone ugly just from one picture, anyway. ><

    (thank you, facebook!)

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. You's a cutie pie! I wanna pinch your cheeks. So cute. Such a cute kitty. :3 <3333

    ....hey now, no need to break out Kitty Monster...cute is a good thing! HEY WAIT, NO! AHHH *flees*
    Ah...she hasn't actually played KH, but I convinced to her read the manga/novels online, an plans to play them when she gets back XP. We usually do the claim stuff for anime/manga, but it's crossed into KH and other things XD.

    Ahh...that sucks DX.

    It's a good yaoi triangle~ hehe :p
    Lololol XD.
    I'd definitely take Terra over Ven...plus my friend claimed Ven >> I claimed Roxas, though...((lol we always 'claim' characters XDD)).
    but I like Terra, he's awesome~~~
    Are you still stuck in Disney Town?

    OMG. I love that. That made me happy. Thank you for sharing it! X3

    hahaha XD.
    Yes, yes he is~! Terra's my favorite character from BBS, so far X3.
    I just got to RG yesterday XD. I don't have that much time to play...maybe I'll play now...
    I used to prefer the Korean version of all the Korean > Japanese songs, but usually I end up listening to the Japanese ones way more often so I start to love them more than the original XDD. But both are awesome~
    I think why I like the Japanese versions is it's easier to sing along to since Japanese is easier to pronounce, and I can recognize more words...XP
    That's good~ ^^

    Oohhh so am I! I haven't gotten very far though...

    8D AWESOME! Thank you for the link~ <3
    Did you have a good birthday~?

    And YAY! :D. Which order are you playing the scenarios in?
    This is totally late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Well, I guess it's not as late where you are as it is here..

    Lol nice XD.
    Hehe >w<.
    I DID write you a TAV drabble but on paper so I'll type it up and PM it to you!
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