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  • Me too ^_^ <33
    Zexion is so awesome~
    I love his hair…and the fact that he reads…xD
    Haha, nice xD. Naomi actually seems like it might fit as a name for Naminé...though Naminé is probably more unique xD.
    I would be buying the Re: CoM, if I got it, though...
    I'm probably more likely to get CoM than KH2, because I want to play in order and I also love the Organization...xD
    Cool :)
    We got KH1 first, though my brother beat it before me. Way before me. Like a year or so ago and I'm still not done yet (almost, though, yay).
    Then my brother got Days and I beat that over a month ago…that was when I became obsessed with KH xD.
    And that's all so far :(. I'm trying to decide whether to buy KH2 or CoM next.
    I'll probably find a video sometime…xP.
    So what KH games have you played?
    Haha yeah xD. It's hard to decide…
    I actuay hated Roxas at first when I played Days. Then I read a fanfic that made me like her more, and then I watched the cutscenes for CoM and I love he Japanese voiceactress for her xD. And she doesn't seem as mean in CoM (I think) so I like her now lol. :p
    Other than Xion and Roxas, it would either be Zexion, Axel, or Demyx. I think.
    What about you?
    Yep i'm glad that battle is over…
    I still post just for fun, but now I can post in a relaxed manner without stress, hehe.

    Awesome :). I love Naminé, she's so cute~
    My favorite characters are probably Xion, Roxas, Axel, Naminé, and Zexion xD. Although I love almost all the KH chracters at least a little bit. Just not DiZ. He made me mad >.>
    It doesn't sound as awesome as the Chinese version. And Mulan and Ling sound like anime characers.
    Yeah, that's probably easier xP.
    I supported Xion until the end…the end for me being when the KHI forums went down-ish and the Luxord fans beat me back online and Xion lost.
    But there's a new game now…haha.
    So who is your favorite KH Character?
    I never thought so, either.
    I liked the part where Mulan and friends' Chinese versions sing. There's also a Japanese, French and German version.
    Yeah, there is. And Jackie Chan sings it. And the music video has him doing kung fu moves.
    Nah, nothing. Well, I had exams. But that's it. And excited for Valentine's day. No, I don't have a valentine. I'm just excited for the special chocolates the stores'll be selling. And for the romance in the air.
    I meant like.. ermm....
    Me= not very close to my class.
    Gamer classmate= Forgot to bring an apron and we had Home Economics that day
    Me= would usually ask around for someone with an extra apron(se's really nice to me, so I'm nice to her)
    Me= Actually borrowed an apron from one of my friends then lent my classmate mine.
    Something like that.
    So I was acting especially nice.
    But I act especially nice to some people even if they aren't gamers. As long as I like them :D
    .................................. Love and Berry? You mean she likes dress-up-girly-boredom buster-arcade games? -_-
    Same thing as hating games to me.
    Do you treat gamers in your class or wherever especially nice? I do.
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