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Recent content by Black_Star

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    "Windows Installer could not be accessed"

    For some reason, Windows Installer isn't working. Whenever I try to install the UT3 demo, I get this message. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Installer, but I still get the error. Help?
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    Nebraska state senator sues God

    Nebraska state senator sues God - Yahoo! News Pic on the left = win. But seriously, are lawsuits getting way out of hand?
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    toddler ninjas....oh shi-

    Man Vs Kids Karate War Video
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    Future Xbox 360 games to require hard drive?

    Gametrailers.com - The Source For Video Game Media Anyone dumb enough to buy the core model just got screwed.
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    Lair pushed back to September 4th

    PlayStation.Blog » Lair Update Well, this just makes me think. If Lair wasn't finished, what were various magazines reviewing? An incomplete build?
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    PS3 to get DVR functions in Early 2008

    PlayStation 3 to get DVR functions in early 2008 // GamesIndustry.biz
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    Unreal Tournament 3 gameplay videos

    Part 1: YouTube - Unreal Tournament 3 Footage At ComicCon Part 1 Part 2: YouTube - UT3 Comic-Con Footage Part 2 Part 3: YouTube - UT3 Comic-Con Footage Part 3 Part 4: YouTube - UT3 Comic-Con Footage Part 4 Gameplay looks amazing as expected.
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    And I thought I had seen it all....

    What flavor should I get?
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    Asia's secret weapon

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    MGS4 gameplay video

    Gametrailers.com - MGS4: Guns of the Patriots - Gameplay Revealed HD I'm surprised no one has posted this yet.
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    ITT, How does your mouse work?

    Learn the truth! Slowly move your cursor over the gray circle. One of life's greatest mysteries has just been answered.
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    Itt Read A Book

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    What if slavery never happened?

    I was thinking about this a couple days ago, so I thought I would get different opinions. How would America and Africa be different if slavery never happened? Also, this isn't a Black vs. White thing. There are people who are White Africans just like there are Black Americans. If any racist...
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    The New Cosplay Thread

    Since the old one died out and I remember how funny it was, I'm bringing back the Cosplay. Lets start off with this.
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    Earth-like Planet found 20 Light-years away

    Found 20 light years away: the New Earth | the Daily Mail Sounds cool. There could be extraterrestial life on this planet.