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Recent content by Biriti

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    Dating with girlfriend. Recommendations?

    Who knows how to meet girlfriend? What approaches do you use? Give proven tips. What is the best place to meet? How to look confident?
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    first job

    I sold newspapers
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    Is it very common for 2 childhood friends to fall in love with each other?

    Among my childhood friends, too, were such cases. Yes, people fell in love, got married, started a family. This didn't happen with me. I'm still single. I even registered on the dating site, here https://www.flirt.com/ for example. I communicate with women, with some even close enough. But...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Probably I have already reviewed all the video reviews about this game.
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    First Game You Ever Played

    I played Mario Nintedo. I remember this game very well. It all started with this. Well, lately I have been playing mostly online games. I even like gambling. Such as online casino real money no download for example. Of course it all depends on the amount of money won.