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  1. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom Hearths X (Chi) Analysis: The downfall of the Foretellers and the shared blame

    My fingers hurt and I didn't have too much info on Luxu so I kinda ran in the other direction on that one. My bad on Invi, i thought her job was to report to Ira, no wonder the others had their suspicions The dandelions were the army. After all, Ava was tasked with raising talented young...
  2. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom hearts Chi (X) Theory: The Traitor is already revealed.

    What I mean is I believe Gula was the most influential, if he could have stepped in you should have persuaded the others to stop and think more rationally, which could have avoided major chaos. Also i didn't focus that well on the fact that he unbalanced all of the foretellers, from trying to...
  3. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom Hearths X (Chi) Analysis: The downfall of the Foretellers and the shared blame

    So I guess this deserved a thread within itself? IDK, it's just some cool thoughts, yet again on KHX. So, the gist (to me) of KHXBC is introducing KHX to a larger audience, and make sure everyone is in the loop, and its done very well. It follows the downfall of the Foretellers, five...
  4. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom hearts Chi (X) Theory: The Traitor is already revealed.

    Yo its me again I'm alive So after seeing some more Chi theories, I decided to scan over the film again because damn I love that stuff, and I particularly got interested in the "Invi Covering her mouth" theory, shown here. I don't believe it to be true, but that isn't the point of the thread...
  5. Bionic Puppy

    How are you enjoying 2.8? [NO SPOILERS]

    I'm loving the 0.2, it's a small, sweet, clever little tear-fest with some AMAZING graphics which really get me hyped up for KH3. I'm glad I finally get to play DDD, and I've never been a big fan of the deck system, and its a shame they never did the command combination like they did in BBS...
  6. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom hearts X (chi) theory, the eye. [SPOILERS]

    Hi I'll be surprised if you remember me 'cause I don't. please bear in mind I have played through the entirety of the triple D yet so ignore my incidence. Lets cut straight to the point. The seventh apprentice, Luxu. Tasked with the mission to effectively make the book of prophecies. he must...
  7. Bionic Puppy

    The Other Promise

    Hoo boi I love the title of the song because it makes NO accordance with what you're expecting it to be. Judging by the angry tone, I would say that it's a promise of the Beach. The tone of the song is low, fast, angry. This is shown in coded why, and for that reason I feel Xion has an...
  8. Bionic Puppy

    How would you react to...

    Scream A lot ...Like I did the first time
  9. Bionic Puppy

    Castle Oblivion

    What gets me a lot is that Terra, or Xeanhort decided to make C.O. his secondary base of operations which was also his old home. Its just like how he wanted a strong moraled Blue Haired one, Someone scarred by the Darkness and a keyblade weilder with strong ties to the light closest to him. I'm...
  10. Bionic Puppy

    Roxas and Namine's Relationship

    I feel like this wouldn't be the case. Sora completed the latter pert of KH1, CoM and KH2 while being a heartless. He's very independent from Roxas. Likewise, Roxas completed the whole of days with minimal contact to Sora (outside Xion but I'm saying a no to Xion being like Sora to give myself...
  11. Bionic Puppy

    KH2 Donald & Goofy vs KH1 Donald & Goofy.

    Ooh pick a hard one for me! I liked the characters in KH1 because they were moulded to their characters a bit more. Donald was a bit snappy but unlike in KH2 (most of the time) he meant well. Goofy was slightly dumber in KH1 which helped Donald have a redeeming trait but he was also a people...
  12. Bionic Puppy

    Proof of Existence

    Can I say I LOVE the titles of The World That Never Was SOOO MUCH What I love about the whole Proof of Existance/Nonexsistance thing is that it wasn't talking about Sora or Riku or anyone else, not even Ansem. It was talking about the Nobodies. They shouldn't, and don't, exist. Their hearts are...
  13. Bionic Puppy

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    ANTIFORM CAN GO SUCK A- I started off not liking wisdom form but it really grew on me when I did my third runthrough. Master form was always good but I felt whatever I wanted done,I could get done with either Wisdom form or Valor form so I never really used it much. I don't like Final Form...
  14. Bionic Puppy

    Deep Jungle Platforming

    I had a love-hate relationship with deep jungle. You could platform and actually properly explore the world and although it had nice story development, it wasn't completely story-centric. However, it was bloODY ANNOYING and although it was fun you always got yourself lost because sometimes you...
  15. Bionic Puppy

    Let's ponder about 1.5+2.5 on the PS4

    Ok so can I say I'm really annoyed at this because I got a PS3 for the sole reason of KH1.5/2.5 and the DAY BEFORE THIS GODDAMN NEWS COMES OUT JFC But I'm actually looking forward to this a lot. After seeing the 2.8 trailer I'm really looking forward to the bumped up graphics (they better be...