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  • Can you either make your signature smaller or put it in spoiler tags? The darn thing stretches the page.
    Oh, sorry. I thought I saw you in the applicants so I assumed that was what you were talking about. But no, he didn't say anything about multiplayer.
    You mean for Staff Apps? Yeah, I completed it this morning from midnight to 4 AM.
    Hey man, what are you up to? I'm not doing anything, the forums are pretty slow today, eh?
    No problem. I just hope that people stop hating on you for you're terrible name. No offense.
    1000 posts gets you Premium status, with Premium status, you can change you're name. But only when you reach Premium, not until then. When you reach around 950, I'll send you the rules.
    Hey man, the minute you turn Premium, get a username change. I recommend it very much. It's the reason why you lack friends. No offense man. Your one of my friends, but you're name still causes a pain in my head.
    I know I hate your username, but you didn't choose it so you cannot be blamed. I shall take you under my wing. I'm the first step to not being rejected for having an evil name. Besides, I enjoy your signature very much.
    Your Username is horrible, your Signature is awesome. I see everybody else shares my opinion.
    just saw your user name..I'm going to add you to my IGNORE list now. Not even joking.
    You have the worst username that I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in my life.
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