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    Whats New??

    I juss Want a General summary of evrything new that has happened/come up. i dont wanna go through every new thread. Ive been out for awhile. S0 Again could i just have a summary of all tha new info. Thanks, Tha tru blue vato: BetwiXt&Betw33nX
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    Master Xehanort, Terra, DS, and Saix

    Some say DS is Just a clone of Terra But instead i think DS is someone who came from Terra(or MX)...not a direct clone of Terra(meaning not a complete look a like) because i read the description of the BBS japanese trailer...and it says after Terra Knocks off DS's helmet he had a surprised look...
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    KH2 Secret Movie?

    I was bored one day so i decided go ahead and the dust off the old Kh2 disc that has been behind my TV for ever... LOL anyway...i played throught the game in PROUD mode...and killed it....it was too easy.... but anyway...i beat the game after like a week...and i was expecting to see the special...
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    i 1st used this As a Reply...But i decided 2 make a Thread 4 anyone else who wanted AWSOME KH2 gameshark codes that arent on the Gameshark Site...Here You Go: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MasterCode(i think.....Try it..the mastercode Is...
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    Vens Clothes....

    Ven has unique clothes 2 other KH charcters.. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1029/1443658411_18b02411cf_o.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1311/1443658341_b94bad5b56_o.jpg well those r the best pics....Now idk if this has been stated..but if it has...HERE IT COMES AGAIN! and if you dont like...
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    KH2FM+BBS Trailer...Some Random Crap i noticed

    Ok Every1 has seen the KH2FM+ BBS trailer right? Old Crap!!....But in the beggining Part VAT picc up those 3 keyblades.. But in the Beggining of the Japanese Release...they r Not show holding the keybldes they just picked up...WTF!? Y NOT!? LoL 2.and then theres the scene W/ Vat standin looking...
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    Ven, Sora, and Roxas

    Ok I know theres a lot of this "ohh Vens heart Must B in Sora so thats y Roxas looks like Ven" Sh** Goin around..and Its makin mi sicc 2 mi stomach Ok so what Roxas looks like Ven...that doesnt mean his heart is inside of sora what im Saying is..That idea isnt totally impossible..But yu ppl...
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    Fate of The 14th..

    I dont kno if this has been mentioned in the past....But What do you think the Fate of Org.XIII(XIV) 14th memeber was.. Perhaps she was like Axel and started 2 betray the Org. but in her case maybe she was Executed(sp?) or ex-communicated(as in most secret oginizations) If anyone has info or...
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    Terra & Vens Symbol

    Ok heres the pic..weve all seen it a BAZILLION timeshttp://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/screen%2007.jpg Now... Looks at Terras Belt..there is a Weird litlle heart shaped symbol Looks Familiar Dont it? http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y89/Galahad_McCloud_2/heartlesssymbol0kb.jpg :D...
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    New Enemy Symbol..

    I was examining the BBS scan of Ven casting Lightning. On the Fat enemy you can see an insignia on its chest..Obviously the insignia for the new enemy.. well i Looked at it 4 awhile(closely){need 2 stop doin that, alredy got glasses} and then i drew it..and i can say that my renditionis pretty...