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  • CAUSE IT'S TRUE!! How could you not look at him and be like....

    O_O *drool* O_O (lol)
    I actually have a few.....Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, etc., BUT Akshay Kumar might be my favorite.

    Although John Abraham is EXTREMELY good looking! *drools* ;)
    Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Asassin's Creed 1
    Asassin's Creed 2
    Heavy Rain

    the only one that supports online multiplayer is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    I don't really have a favorite actress actually....
    Only a favorite actor. :)
    Doesn't really seem any different except I noticed I can delete my posts, and my name's a different color.
    Thanks hun, it was really nice.
    Congrats on making it to tenth, it'll fly by.
    Oh really, I think I've heard of her.
    lol oh no I do anything but that

    I do guitar, drums, bass, everything pretty much.

    zSHARE - Epicmedly.wav
    As soon as I get my Wi-Fi USB maybe @.@

    I ordered it of Ebay like 2 weeks ago, but the loaction was in China so it'll take another week or so for it to get here.
    Kinda boring honestly. I have nothing left to do besides RNG abuse and EV training for competitive battling. I could always continue trying to complete my pokedex but without pear version/Fire red and Leaf green, it's impossible to "catch 'em all"
    I'll probably hit platinum tomorrow. I don't feel like posting a lot right now. At the most I'll try to get to 2,990 posts today.

    But one thing's for sure, my 3,000th post is definately going in the Pokemon thread :D
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