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  • i get lucky like that
    i need more protection against statuses though

    sure, but i think im gonna lose
    im already in
    sorry, i just left to get a bit e to eat
    go on in, ill be there in 1 minute
    dude, i cant get my wifi to work. it says my internet security is not supported by the nintendo ds lite, or something like that. I have WPA security i think and i looked it up and aparently only dsi can do WPA. Unless you know how...
    what? T_T eff
    So they go up to level 100 automaticly, do they keep the same moves? Sry this is my first wifi battle.
    And we need a set time for the battle
    K, so ill get my pokemon to Lv 100, and is it ok if we do the battle tomarrow? sometime in the afternoon.
    Ive never battled on the DS wifi, is there a certin level pokemon need to be.
    i met more than half of my ps friends on home, you just get talkin to people sometimes. some of my others i made were on uncharted 2 online, and the rest are my friends in rl.

    yeah but i use the same account for both, so i cant download it on either. and my psp is out of room, i need to upgrade to the 16 gb, this 4 gb isnt cutting it and 8 isnt enough either. but i dont mind playing it on my ps3, its the same as when i played it before. i mean, its a classic, 7, 8, 9 were the best. my favorite ff's were 7,8,9,13, and tactics war of the lions
    dude i dont know! but they sent an email that im banned for a week (which atarted the 12th i think). i dont know but it blows, i was getting ready to download final fantasy 8 and grandia...

    but i like home, its more fun when youre on with friends. you play anything online?
    well i got banned for some reason recently! wtf? well i should be unbanned monday and i'll add you. you like to use playstation home?
    The people that were taking us on a tour (for a school field trip last year) kept on saying things like "AVOID THEM. They'll beat you to a pulp." so idk, it might be.
    Well I'm not going to have a hard time making friends I'm just worried about high school, like senoirs and getting lost :/
    I know, Its feels that way to me too :/

    yeah that does sound usual, and haha yeah I know how that goes... every year :p but at least you aren't going to be a freshman
    Yourr welcome :D

    and I've been pretty good lately, just enjoying my summer while it lasts, wbu??
    Alright, i gotta wait till im back home. Right now im in Florida and dont have wifi- but when i get back home on wednesday i have it ... so ill battle on thursday if thats cool with you.

    And are there any rules? level, single battle/double battle, no legendarys etc.
    Wade stayed with the Heat and Lebron and Chris Bosh both go to the Heat! They arre gonna rape.
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