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  • Just because I have good pokemon doesn't mean I know how to use them to their full potential.

    Trust me, I may be good at RNG abuse but I'm not much of as good when it comes to battling.
    well I mean you seem to be a big freak about it, shoudl I get it I love Final Fantasy games.
    Sorry I didn't reply earlier I wasn't at my computer. But yeah, sure I'll battle. But I'll give you a warning: I'm pretty new to online battling. So that being said, I'm not not the best battler. Nor am I the most strategic. So I'm not expecting to win. But regardless, I'll still battle you.
    Oh yeah kushina is pretty cool

    Minato owns though. He's officially the second person to ever beat Madara.
    I would but I'm out of town with no wifi.......but I will be able to wednesday night and after that when i get back home.

    k i might consider it. i have enough money just dont know if i want to spend it.
    Naa im not patient enough.

    I did, ive considered getting it again. It was my brothers and he beat it in a few days so he turned it back in for some sonic game. But you can transfer your Pokemon and then we could battle right? and my wifi on the wii works.
    yeah i know, and I am pretty good. I have raised at least 30 pokemon to level 100 and i dont use gameshark or cheat

    do you have pokemon battle revolution?
    yeah, but i dont got they money man. So i guess we cant battle, which suck cause i was looking forward to beating your ass.
    naaa not the WEP key i already tried. i went on nintendos website and its says the dsi is compatible with my internet security but not the dslite.
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