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Recent content by Beardman

  1. Beardman

    Would you like to see anything included with 2.8?

    I like the way you think, kid. �� But honestly, I want them to wait for the KH Themed Ps4 until III comes out. I'd like a similar collector's edition to II.5's. And I wouldn't mind them including a Play Arts Kai, as I've recently gotten into collecting those. ❤️
  2. Beardman

    Data-Axel is destroying me.

    Reflega is you friend! :D Also, don't forget that each strike with a limit in Limit Form that lands, gains you HP. Quick Strat: As soon as the battle starts, cast Reflega twice, then right after his piller of fire hits your second Reflega, immidietly execute a combo. Keep an eye out, because he...
  3. Beardman

    Kingdom hearts 2.5 BBS missing ventus file

    1. Since BBS uses specific system data, you would have to replace all of your saves for this to work I think. Because of the way all the saves work with the system data to unlock the Archives and the Bonus Episodes, they are all tied together. 2. Copying PS3 saves requires the use of certain...
  4. Beardman

    Got 2.5 CE Early

    Might I ask what you were expecting exactly? And the sleeve wasn't anything different, it was announced to come with a dust jacket.
  5. Beardman

    Seven Wonders of Twilight Town

    I did. I miscounted myself the first time I did it, and I was like ">:0 no way!!" But then I went a second time and felt pretty dumb. XD
  6. Beardman

    Your Order has been dispatched!?

    Mm. I must scour the internet for a picture!
  7. Beardman

    Your Order has been dispatched!?

    Is the case bigger or is it that same as any ps3 case?
  8. Beardman

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    There's actually a high chance that we will get them early. People on the west coast and beyond have already recieved theirs. Also, the only reason they were "held" yesterday is because it was Thanksgiving, and postal service doesn't run on that holiday. I just realized that perhaps you guys...
  9. Beardman

    Question about 2.5 using 1.5 clear data.

    I was hoping the steelbook would have the 2.5 art somewhere at least! :D Thanks for the pic!
  10. Beardman

    News ► Free Roxas & Sora Lithograph with Preorders of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Europe!

    I feel like this is gonna be one of those times where it just comes pre-packed into the cases of first-run copies everywhere. You know? I could be wrong though. :/
  11. Beardman

    Watch GameInformer Play Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

    I'm really not pleased with this video. >:( They both sounded so uninterested and bored the whole time, I didn't feel like they really had anything good to say about any of the games, except that they "liked" them. Not to mention they were totally ragging on Re:Coded. I mean hey, I'm not going...
  12. Beardman

    Im looking for this promotional picture

    There's a clean version here, just scroll down to it, it's in spoiler tags: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix/200444-high-quality-kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix-box-art-2.html Edit: Attacked by ninja :P
  13. Beardman

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trophy List Revealed!

    You misunderstand. :) I meant since we now have legitimate network trophies, do we know if they removed the in-game trophies from the archives?
  14. Beardman

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trophy List Revealed!

    So did they do away with the trophies you obtained in the Trinity Archives?