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    Peas in a Pod

    Theres actually no small green vegetable seeds here. :/ Sorry guys. On to topic. Why, at the end of Chain of Memories, are these magical memory pods just lying around, waiting for use? Assuming their original purpose was a means of assistance for memory restoration? Namine just convieniently...
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    Legal question regarding the collection of items from my mother's house

    I am eighteen and was living with my mother. We recently got into an argument and she kicked me out. I contacted her to inquire about collecting my possessions and she told me I wasn't getting any of them. My question is if I have legal right to collect my possessions. They include bedding...
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    Complications With My Mom

    I need advice... I'm 17, growing more independent everyday, growing up, kind of kid, so take that into account. The problem is, basically, me and my mom are not exactly "agreeable," to put iy kindly, I hate arguing with her, especially since when I do, it almost always leads to my unjust...
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    A Couple Questions Regarding the Gameplay of DDD

    I'll keep this short and simple: Question 1: Are Sora's and Riku's sides of the story seperated into two sides of one storyline, similar to Re:COM, or put together into one? Question 2: In regards to the "Drop" feature, or whatever term is used for the component in which you swich from Sora to...
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    Actions Taken By Xehanort [Theory/Speculation Topic]

    As the title itself reads, I am here to present an idea I had. This does not really count as a theory I do not think, but it involves my personal speculation, and would like you guys to comment on it. As we know, in the Jump Festa Trailer, if I'm not mistaken, the beginning portrays Sora and...
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    Beardman Has Arrived

    He's got a beard! He's a man! He's.... yeah, whatever. I'm new. What it is?