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  • True it is. Like Taker and HHH showed respect for each other at WM, that was awesome.
    I think it's gonna be another year long draw out with Leasner
    Bro I gotta agree with you on everything you justr said. Those are my thhoughts too! I mean the Sheamus/Bryan match was lame. I blinked and it was over lol I still think they should have made a fight out of it. Orton and Kane was alright, only thing is Orton barely put up a fight. The Taker/HHH match was OMG epic! I was about to cry during the match. To me that was the match of the night. If you noticed the crowd kinda went dead til the Cena/Rock match. Diva's match was better than normal lol and the 12 man tag was an ok match. Punk/Jericho was excellent! Loved the build up and the match itself. Lastlyt the Rock/Cena...kinda boring for the first 10 minutes or so when they were just chain wrestling, but when it picked up pace it was good. I was rooting for Cena but Rock got one nice move after taking a beating for most of the match and won.

    The following night when Brock Leasner returned was epic!!
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