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Recent content by Baze

  1. Baze

    Hercules Cup- Cloud strategy

    Update: I beat it! And the time trial (for anyone playing 1.5 Final Mix on XBox, yes, the pause-restart trick during the time trial fight with Hercules will freeze the clock, allowing you to take your time)! This time, on the solo Cloud fight, my magic use was more efficient for Cura. And...
  2. Baze

    Hercules Cup- Cloud strategy

    I played this game as a teen, and am coming back to it now to refresh my memory, fill in gaps, and eventually finish 2.5 and start 3. I have no issues blocking Cloud... until he begins to fly around. Dodge roll? Death roll. Guard? Works about 1/4 of the time. Halp! 😭 PS I am on the solo cup...