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    I intended on making this an RP, but i'm too lasy to manage something of that caliber. :DD So instead, I bring you a story of sorts. ------------- three different worlds; three different people; three different paths... once they discover who they are, and their true purposes, they will...
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    Now, i've got a question.

    Looking upon the Fanclub section, knowing that fanclubs are already a bit ignorant, i'm seeing that people are creating their own fanclubs. ...why?
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    I can't believe i'm doing this...

    Usually, I go to my best friend whenever I can decide on something important or sort out a major problem like this, but if you read further, you'll realize that it isn't an option. Well, I live with my mother and little brother, and my mom is a single parent, so we don't have much money, and...
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    Celebrate! It's Fro's Birthday!

    Today, (in eastern timezone, atleast) Frozen Fate turns fourteen years old~! Happy Birthday, and I hope you have alot more!! xDD <3
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    Well, I haven't seen a discussion thread about DGM, so here it is. ..And judging from my avatar & signature and such...no, I am not obsessed over it. I just craved some Allen Walker in my diet.. Anywho, This is a great anime/manga. Not as popular as most, but it definately deserves to be. I...
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    Rated: PG-12 :D Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Drama Source: Anime (Naruto) Disclaimer: Naruto is copyright of Masashi Kishimoto. If Naruto was mine, i'd be off blowing my money in Japan, thank you. :3 Extra Notes: ANGST. :D First off: EW. I was reading a few Naruto fan fics earlier on...
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    <::_The Princess Sakura Fanclub_::>

    Baha! >3 KEKEKEKE. All fans gather here to help me towards world domination! .....I mean...ending world hunger. :) Yes. That's it. Now, come! And feel free to bask in my glow. <3 [and donate some of your charity to the "Princess Sakura Will Rule the World" fund, of course]...
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    ://Gone_.} (A Roxiri Poem)

    ://Gone_.} I've tried so hard not to think of you, The shadows in my footsteps, The whispers in my words, They're gone, Just like your voice, Your face, Your smile, They've left me. A love not ment to last, Was it ment to be this way? Joined by Fate, Torn by Destiny. - - - - - - - - -...
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    Teh Shiro Shrine

    YESH! This is Shiro-chan's official fanclub. =3 I don't understand why she doesn't have more than one! She is a gawd! xDDD Let us list her 1337 skills: .GFX .Writing Fan-fics .Flaming idiot nubz .Making cool sites & forums .Being teh secks <333 ...the list could go on. Srsli. Now, let us...
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    Happy Birthday, Shady!

    ....Yeah. xD I'd like to wish a happy fifteenth birthday to my homeslice, Shady-DVS-Hoody-Child!
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    {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    Well, I was pretty left out. <.< All meh homeslices are making Fanfics...and I was just sitting here at my computer chair....reading. And, then I say; "Hey. This sucks. Why don't I write a fanfic? ;-;" So..well....here I am. ._. I don't have much inspiration though, so it's pretty crappy...
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    Happy Birthday, TMM

    Wow, many birthdays this month, eh? Well, as we can see, it's TheMuffinMan's Birthday! Have you all nothing better to do in Forum Insanity than celebrate this? ;D
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    Happy 15th Twi-Chan! \(^o^)/

    'tis Twilight Heart's 15th Birthday! =D She is probably one of meh best friends one here.......and her GFX skillz pwn j00. Well, time tah get drunk and celebrate. -not neccesarily in that order- ^_~ *gets out booze*
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    Happeh B-Day, TOHF. <.<

    Yeah, yeah. It's TOHF A.K.A (~Perfection_Achieved~)'s 17th Birthday. w00t. ><;;
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    RP Battle: .:Sakura vs. Naruto:.

    Yes, that's it. A Role-play battle between King Naruto and myself. *sigh* And, it seems that KN here is being his spazztic self again. << There isn't really a reason for this, but KN just wanted to proved himself.....or something. Well, i'll lay out the ground rules. ./No God-Modding ./No...