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  • Yeah, but I'm used to it. At least I'm not crying nightly like I did a few weeks ago.

    Yeah, pretty much.

    I see a ton of them, my dad, Max, Jasmine, Kellie, Shannon, Jared(Ginga as he is called). I have a lot of red in my hair already because of my dad lol.

    Not really, an anime I like was recently released by Funimation, where some of my favoirte VA's are voicing again. Al Bhed is still big with me, Max for sure, I still like him, my forum, Ben is another guy I like now.

    One for sure though, since my 16th birthday, 9-8, I have been able to enjoy being able to date once, and that was with Max at his house, and we showed affection for eachother that night(No sex, I'm still a virgin), but that was the only time. I have been told many times that I need a boyfriend, but I just can't have one right now, no one is intrested.
    I've never heard of anything above a 4.0 actually.
    I wouldn't call myself a genius, I mean, there are like 2-3 others in my grade that got those this quarter...

    No, that was Nicole, this is Kellie. Nicole had a miscarrage a few months ago, she was at 5 months. I wanted to kick her in the face when I found out from Kellie that she got drunk and killed it.

    Red or black. Kellie says red, like her, Max, and Jasmine(My bf's all have red hair for some reason, natural red hair), but I don't know for sure.

    I don't know about that, Jasmine is still pretty pissed at me right now, I mean, her boyfriend cheated on her with me, and then lied about it when I told her about it. We just started talking again last week. (All though, Max seems to have 3 accounts on my forum, three accounts with very similar Emails, IP's, and I've never seen all three on at the same time, so I might have talked to Max almost the entire time we were fighting.)
    Lol, sorry *Helps up and huggles gently*

    Cool. You're so lucky.

    What's new with me? Well, I have a 4.0 right now, my teacher wants me to take AP Lit the next two years, my sister is failing Algebra 1, my mom and I have been baking cookies the past few days, a guy that I like kissed me on my 16th, I told his gf a month later, and a month after that, we started talking again, my friend thinks she is pregnant, but I will know the test results Monday, I can dye my hair any color I want as long as I get a patch test before hand, and I might get a chance to actually talk with Vic Mignogna, my favorite VA some time because I joined his forum the other day.

    Oh, and I love you, and all of my other friends, more now than ever because I have become afraid of losing them due to recent events with two of them(Max, the guy who kissed me and turns 18 this month, and Jasmine, his gf who is my age).
    Thanxs, I'm really a fan of Tohnoskini
    I just noticed that I could see who gave me reps, I thought it was an annominous sort of thing.
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