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Recent content by Ballad of Caius

  1. Ballad of Caius

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Recently SE confirmed e3 presence. I think this is gonna be Square's e3 hit.
  2. Ballad of Caius

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    I think this next Phase's finally will focus on how to get rid of Darkness and the opposing views will be: • MoM wants to sacrifice people in order to get rid of it • Sora has another plan • Riku could suggest to just embrace it as part of nature
  3. Ballad of Caius

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    Oookaaayy... There is A LOT to process: • The Worlds plunging into Darkness since the era of Ansem's Apprentices has a new meaning: it's Darkness • Formless Darkness makes them lose their will • Darkness had form and then sacrificed it in order to win back when the MoM was younger • Darkness...
  4. Ballad of Caius

    Politics What Do You Think About President Biden So Far?

    Democrats generally are far more better in foreign relations than Republicans, much more the Rebublicans from nowadays. Also, remember that Obama and Biden pretty much set up the US foreign relations from 2009 - 2017.
  5. Ballad of Caius

    Politics What Do You Think About President Biden So Far?

    Republicans are trying to attack Kamala as if there's no tomorrow because she could virtually be the POTUS candidate for 2024. Biden said he'd run for reelection, but dunno. I think it could be a strategy to keep the spotlight on him in order to preserve Harris' image and not burn her out, which...
  6. Ballad of Caius

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Yoshida is the Producer. Hiroshi Takai is the Director.
  7. Ballad of Caius

    Final Fantasy XVI

    This is me hoping for a "this year" release date, but also me remembering I don't have a PS5 HAHJAJHAJHAHJ
  8. Ballad of Caius

    What if the Dark Seeker Saga gets the remake/reinterpretation treatment (like FF7)

    I don't think it's necessary. The Seekers of Darkness Saga is a story that was told up until 2019/2020, unlike FFVII and its Compilation. Maybe 10, 15 yers from now.
  9. Ballad of Caius

    What if the Tokyo Team, and Osaka Team made KH3

    I'm pretty sure the game's smoothness suffered more due to the fact that the game lost a whole year of dev (possibly even more with how Re:MIND got a lot of stuff in it). Here's to the next KH not suffering dev issues
  10. Ballad of Caius

    What Games would you like to see remade for Current Gen Consoles?

    I hope it's crossgen like P5 (PS4 and 5)
  11. Ballad of Caius

    Kingdom Hearts Union X end of service and release of offline mode postponed to June 17, 2021

    Sooo, can this two month extension be considered KHUx Final Mix? :P
  12. Ballad of Caius


    Rumor has it that Sony is gonna put their older game libraries on Mobile. They're trying to see if they can put their older games there. But yes, Sony is reverting to their arrogant PS3 era attitude.
  13. Ballad of Caius

    Final Fantasy IX

    Wow, this is better than that Link Fanta commercial hahaha
  14. Ballad of Caius

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Well, the world IS ending, LOL
  15. Ballad of Caius

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    We still don't know what's inside the Black Box. We were only given a clue, but Hirokey speculates that the Foretellers utilized the Lifeboats and ended up appearing in front of Luxu when he retrieves the Box because, since he recovered No Name and that Keyblade acts as a waypoint, that's the...