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  • Book of Murder is only an ovation for Black Butler. I didn't watch the second season of it, because I have heard that it is pretty bad. I like the ovations, because they at least stick to the manga, not have some cruddy ending where Ciel becomes a demon for some lame reason.
    Not much is up, I am just looking for The Last: Naruto the Movie. I came across one link for it, but Youtube had taken it down due to some copyright infringement junk. So, I am still looking through links to find the whole movie, I heard it was released in Japan on the sixth of this December.
    Well, you're not missing much. Mr. Krabs nearly drove his rival, Plankton to suicide. Plankton was afraid of whales, and Mr. Krabs dressed up like his daughter to terrify Plankton. Plankton couldn't get anything done without Mr. Krabs kept popping up everywhere while in a whale suit. Plankton tried to get somebody to step on him, and also to have vehicles run over him; it didn't work.
    Ah, that sucks! They are just replacing the characters, the show really went downhill. It's impossible to save it pretty much.

    Yeah, that makes sense.
    It is pretty much to clean my carpet. I also hate Patrick from Spongebob, glad to hear that they are canceling it. Yeah, I guess, the game being that expensive makes sense.
    Yep, my fridge magnets. I also saw Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at Wal-Mart, but my gosh, they were expensive. They were both like forty dollars. So, I am planning on getting one used, or online. I am also planning on buying a shampooer, so I won't have to pay somebody else to clean it for me.
    So, I just finished my dinner. My kitten managed to destroy my magnets and I found them in the garbage disposal. He is incredibly destructive and smart.
    I guess, it was a random I chose right at the moment. I hate the people talking outside my window, they are so loud. But, hey, what can I do?
    Yes, that's complete. I have about like over six hundred Pokemon to capture. I miss my Diamond game, because I had a lot of Pokemon in my Pokedex and I also miss my partner in the game, Daniel the Empoleon.
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