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  • Again I say that you must post!!!! You haven't logged in in a while so I don't know when you will see this but when you get back you need to post in the Pokemon: The New Frontier RP!!!!!
    You need to post in the Pokemon:The New Frontier. It needs more posts besides the 2-3 that are currently posting!!!
    Legend of Zelda: The Wrath of the Fierce Deity
    Legend of Zelda:
    The Wrath of the Fierce Deity

    Characters presented in this chapter(1):[

    Donner- A Skull-Kid who has no memories of the past. He awoke inside Kokori village, with frightened people around him. The only thing he has with him is a strange katana. His name came from a Hylian myth god. He also wears the Mask of Truth to hide his face.

    Kokori Villagers- A mischievous race of people, who always are in the appearance of youth.

    Saria- One of the villagers that knew Link, she feels that she has met Donner before.

    Groyd- A companion of Donner, he makes sure that Donner is doing his duty.

    The Fierce Deity- A warlord from a mysterious land, nobody knows where he came from. Or who he actually is. But they do know his horrible strength and might that has destroyed the once beautiful Hyrule. Which the majority is now ruled by him.

    Zelda- The Queen of Hyrule, who is also the childhood friend of Link. She is still young, but soon shall carry the crown of Hyrule on her head. Though the crown means nothing now because of the Fierce Deity, who is quickly taking over Hyrule. She also carries the Triforce of wisdom. She is the only person to have gotten a letter from Link's disappearance.
    lol I'm sorry... It's just I have so many rebels already... Not everyone can be a hero xD
    Could you add your character's personality... And could you pleae make him a supporter? I ish SSOOOOOO short of those...
    When did you send it to me? I haven't gotten one, unless your old character is the boss character.
    Watertha and Ventus are available for WoP. I think Watertha would fit your character better.
    ~B-ST~, Reckless Brawler will be the WoP for the nation you chose, but you can be the ruler of that nation, or a boss for one of the dungeons.
    Hey man, would you like Giagan to be a Boss or Warrior of Profecy? If WoP, then I'll ask the current WoP for Sakura Kuni if he wants to be a boss.
    For the Spoiler Tag thing, use the word spoilers (plural) instead of spoiler (singular).
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