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  • Your posts seem kind of immature. I can't blame you for liking KH, though.
    One of the funniest I`ve ever seen! I have to show this to my friend!
    I think that was one of the best parts. XD I`m going to watch it again.
    I laughed through the whole thing! It was so funny! The milkshake part made me want a milkshake. Haha
    I think I`m going to look it up now. I could use a good laugh. : D
    That is so cool! I only have one friend who loves KH and my sister, and we don`t have any nicknames like that. We do have claim on our favorite characters though. I`ve never played FF but I`ve been trying to get FF13

    My sister- Loves Roxas
    My best friend- Axel
    Me- Riku
    Axel grew on me too. It took me awhile to like Riku. When a first played KH I hated him, but then in KH2 I loved him. Utada Hikaru rocks! I love her music.
    When you walk away,you don't hear me say,'''Please,ohhh,baby,don't go''',Simple and Clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight,it's haard to let it go.......

    Would be interesting at least. He could hack off the most zombie heads!
    How did the Orginization BECOME Nobodies?Thats a question I've been wanting to ask.Anybody know?
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