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Recent content by Axel's Heart

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    Lea and Axel

    I will keep an eye out for all of these. I hope we see lea.
  2. A

    Lea and Axel

    This is very true. I guess I am just trying to think of where Lea fits into all this? I wonder if the new game will bring answers to Axel's previous life.
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    Lea and Axel

    Hahaha. I realize this. However, It would not the first time somebody's name has been either made-up by themselves or hidden for a certain period of time.
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    Lea and Axel

    Is it possible that the birth by sleep masked character, revealed as Veritas, is Lea? My friend and I were discussing this and it did not seem to far-fetched but please comment if you have information to help or hurt this theory.
  5. A

    Nobodies With Hearts

    i dont think either roxas and axel have hearts but because roxas is special both feel as thought they do. As for xion well we know squat about her but assuming she is a nobody i would says she does not have one. I think the chance of her having a heart is less then both roxas' and axel's chance.
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far The UNBIRTH symbol looks like it forms M X Master Xehenort????? did he create them?
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    BBS and 358/2 Days lead to KH3

    This is purely a discussion so does anyone think the two games for the psp platform and the nintendo ds will be a necessity in understanding the kh3 game? what kind of game do u think kh3 will be? What will be the adventure this time? ...i dont know if their are spoilers online or something but...
  8. A

    Xion Theory Questions?

    haha i really only had one double post issue. These new things are just my comp like i dont know how delete one of them. its terrible. help?
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    Terra relation

    yeh urs makes a little more sense. thnks.
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    Xion Theory Questions?

    haha thank you for answering my question everyone
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    Xion Theory Questions?

    haha thank you for answering my question everyone
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    Xion Theory Questions?

    Hmm. Still how was the riku clone created then? Does he have a heart? IF vexen created a riku clone, how come he could not have created a sora clone? -- to everyone How do u know this keybladelegancy?
  13. A

    Xion Theory Questions?

    The Vexen created Riku thing got me wondering. Does anyone think Namine helped make Riku or Vexen helped create Xion if they do believe that Xion was created somehow by Namine whether through Sora's memories or not? And how does he/she create a being? Does this person have a heart?
  14. A

    Xion anti-theory/theory

    oh but u see they are both separate theories that completely clash with one another. Actually, the first one is not really a theory at all, just excuses of how the 2nd one can not exist.
  15. A

    Xion anti-theory/theory

    So for the people who say Xion is Sora's lost memories, I have to disagree because Namine said herself that she just took apart the linking chains and rearranged them. She also said she could not remove memories. Sure, maybe she could store them in some type of vessel but that seems highly...